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Went to purchase the Amazon Tap Alexa at Sear' After adding the product to the "Cart", a different product was reflected thereat : Naxa NX 319 Portable CD Player with earbuds black NPC 319 LCD Display Stereo, which was reflected "No Longer in Stock .

. .". After chatting online with a representative and talking personally on the telephone with a representative, neither could determine what the problem was. When the item # was given to both, they each indicated that was the item number to the CD Player, despite the fact that the product picture and description was to the Amazon Tap Alexa.

When I called later and talked to a third representative, she was at least able to determine that the item number actually did correspond to the Amazon Tap Alexa, but was unable to determine why the product would change once added to the "Cart". She indicated that a work ticket needed to be submitted to technical indicating the problem and that 72 hours was needed to make the necessary correction. She advised that although the Amazon Tap Alexa was no longer for sale by Sears, she assured me that it was available through one of their vendors: iseedealz. She was very thankful that I brought it to Sears attention.

After waiting for approximately six (6) hours, I curiously returned to the Sears website just to see if any corrections had been made, since Memorial Weekend was upcoming. Now when I located the product, they had a picture of the Amazon Tap Alexa with the product name as "Amazon 2 Naxa NX 319 Portable CD Player with earbuds black NPC 319 LCD Display Stereo". They actually combined the name of both products!!! When you went to place the order, it was STILL the CD Player in the cart!!!

So, being the good customer, I contacted a Sears representative for the fourth time and explained to her that the website was still incorrect after being updated by their technical department. The representative advised me that she was able to see the updated problem and that NOW the Sears vendor did not have the Amazon Tap Alexa in stock. WHAT?!? I indicated that they should take the Amazon Tap Alexa product completely off the website then, since neither Sears nor their vendor was carrying it.

Her response to me was "Do you want me to write up another ticket to technical?" My reply to her was "I could care less. Why would I request ticket, you can no longer help me. I would think you would request the ticket, since its your company's error. Otherwise, you're going to have more upset customers encountering the same problem I did".

Therefore, in my opinion, I Can See Why Sears Won't Be Around Much Longer. I was just trying to use my Sears gift card I received before they folded. That's too bad.

It use to be a great company. - - - May 23, 2017

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Website.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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It's not great anymore , shop somewhere else everything they touch is a disaster. Eddie said they have plenty of customers they don't mind chasing more away.

They have so many customers yet they are going bankrupt.

Worst management and CEO ever run. Rochester NY