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The app works but the humans at sears don't.

I had 4 items I received ready for pick up emails on. I identified car model and color every time it requested I fill in the information. I had chosen in vehicle pick up on all of them. I was excited about using this new app and service. My receipt said that my store had multiple pick up locations and that I should call them first.

I tried getting help from 800 number online customer service to figure out how to use this at rego park queens ny before I ventured out to sit in my car at the store (rego park queens ny). It turned into a circus of speaking to different customer service reps out of the country that were not helpful (or familiar w this in vehicle service) their supervisors weren't any better either.

I Asked to be Xfrd higher on the totem pole. Spoke to a mr martin L of Arizona, customer care chief and he said he didn't know anything of it. I explained my frustrations and he listened but didn't offer any help. I searched the web while he was on the phone with me and found an article about it by sears media I told him maybe I should write to them and he said that's a good idea. I was disappointed that yet again I've reached a dead end I was being passed over to someone else.

I Called the store as my receipt says to do to ask where I should park my car to wait for my merchandise and I Got hung up on once, transferred the second and finally I chose merchandise pick up at the prompt and got a lady who said to me that she's worked there 5 years and I should just take it from her when she tells me that there is no such thing as in vehicle pick up in their store.

I then sent an email to customer service explaining the difficulties I'm having with getting someone to confirm in vehicle delivery is going to work when I arrive at the store parking lot and I get a response back about something totally different suggesting that if I have trouble with shipping it's because I never chose shipping and I need to cancel and reissue my order.

I was devastated that this is the response I got, so unrelated to the carefully written letter I sent them. It seems that they really didn't read it.

I sent another letter to sears holdings the same way and listing all the orders I wanted to pick up using in vehicle pick up. I figure if I mention the rider numbers they can check to see that I dud everything right and should have no problem doing in vehicle pick up. Instead of an answer to why I was not getting any help with this I get a response email letter back stating that they don't deal with orders.

That was from Monica W, sears holdings corporation

I responded to her that that was not the question I was asking but still I got no response.

I then went back to the article by sears media people regarding how excited they are about in vehicle pick up so I figure they'd be interested in the problems I'm having so I email both of them,


I still haven't received a response. I did get a concerned reaction from the secretary at the number listed at the bottom of that article. She said she would pass the information to someone that can help me.

Later I decided to brave it and go use the app at the store anyway. I did everything on the app the 5 minute count down started and I left the car in the street and proceeded to walk the whole length of the parking lot and entered the merchandise pick up area on foot.

I wish I knew where to park my car but I didn't that is why I walked inside even though the app was working and counting down 5 minutes as it should.

Once inside I scanned my credit card and the machine wasn't working for me. I told somebody there that I had used the app and maybe that is why my stuff wasn't pulling up on the screen of the self service kiosk. The man at the receiving area went inside and about 10 min later my bags came out. That proves that the app works because all my things were gathered inside the bag.

There was an item missing and that took over 40 minutes to find. I asked the genius who solved the problem of the list item and he said he didn't even work at the receiving department he used to and he was just helping out the person that did work there. But that person read something on the printout wrong making him think at first that my package was never brought to the store by ups. I kept asking why would I have received a message stating it was ready for pick up if it wasn't even in the store yet and they just kept encouraging me to come back the next day. I stayed there until they solved it and in the end when they found the package they were very apologetic.

Now all the while I was there I kept asking what about in vehicle pick up and they kept telling me I would have to just do it The old fashioned way because that is not for that store. I told them I was supposed to get merchandise brought to my car. I told them I didn't know where to park. The article here states "all stores". I told them that and they said that's for other stores.

I told them I can see why they feel that way because it looks like they could use a lot if help from the company getting organized to make it work.

I figured they're not kidding. If pickup when you're helping them takes 40 minute then it would only make sense that sitting in your car comfy waiting for them to bring it out will never work.

Now that was yesterday 2/26/2014, today 2/27/2014 I get bombarded by several surveys from sears and I wrote this story where possible in the blanks after the multiple choice questions. I figured I'm helping them and myself in making this in vehicle a success if they can just find out just how uninformed all of sears customerservice is on the idea.

I needed for them all to know all the effort I put in in making it work to no avail. Hours later I receive 3 emails, one for each package that I picked up yesterday. The emails were apologizing for the difficulty I was having with said orders and that they had sent the store notification about it and that I should call them directly and tell them what my order numbers are to be further assisted. I'm wondering do these people know that I already have the merchandise and that the problem is not the merchandise but rather a failed service " in vehicle pick up".

So my dear friends as you can see this issue went full circle and back down to the bittom of the totem pole and no matter how clear I was with what the problem and the question really was, they only see and hear what they want.

The really funny thing is that at the bottom of some if these emails they encourage you to do a survey and they beg to be given a high score.

Sears you have a big problem and it seems that you shall remain ignorant to the fact and it wasn't because I didn't try hard to let someone know.

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I had a similar experience. The app didn't even work for me...

I'd click the in-vehicle pickup and it would say "Oops, there is a technical problem, try again later!" So much for the 5min guarantee. I did however know where to park and there was a sign with a phone number to call - I call it and tell them I am there for an in-vehicle pick up. All they say is they will send someone out. They didn't ask my name or anything.

After waiting almost 15min I went inside... when I got inside the guy was talking to a woman and sending her inside the store for more help. He starts to walk away and I say excuse me - from about 4' away, he ignores me and keeps walking - I say it again and he just keeps walking. Thankfully the app didn't work for me so I was able to use the kiosk and request my order.

When he came back I told him I'd been waiting for an in-vehicle pick up and he got all defensive telling me - nobody told him. Then I asked why he ignored me and he got even more defensive telling me about how busy he is. Finally he offered me a coupon so I'd go away. The coupon he gave me had been expired for 14 months.

I would have complained to the manager but I was on my lunch break...

so I'd gone to twitter to complain... after a few tweets / DMs exchanged someone is supposed contact me.


Wow, I'm the author off the thread above that you replied to. I just can't believe it.

From the experience above I did get my own go to person that they assigned me whenever I have a sears problem. There's been many. I think about it twice before buying anything there.

My favorite place is amazon. Always a good experience