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Update by user Aug 08, 2017

Day 6 post order.. now 10 hours on phone/hold with incompetent customer service.

10 different agents. here is the synopsis each time: 1. you did not pay for installation 2. oh yes you did, it is a glitch in our system 3.

you canceled installation on July 31 - ODD SINCE ORDER WAS AUGUST 2ND 4. a work order has been sent to installation team 5. no work order was ever placed 6. wait 48 hours someone will contact you - 10 times....

7. we don't know who installers are, ODD SINCE I PAID SEARS FOR THE SERVICE. 8. I wanted to speak to someone in the USA not the Phillipines since that is where order and installation are, it does not exist.

9. I ask for a higher up/manager, there are none. I even emailed every Sears VP I could find online .....STILL NO REPLY To: '' ; '' ; '' ; '' Cc: '' ; '' Subject: FW: INCOMPLETE SEARS ORDER 10 HOURS ON PHONE ON HOLD Told them pick up their merchandise since they are not competent to complete my order, and give me back my old stove... they cant find it....on a non business day Sunday how convenient In Business world for 27 years..

I have figured out part of the issue: Sears has OVER OUTSOURCED customer service - cheap labor cheap benefits in the Phillipines AND other countries.... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR... this is why Sears is failing and closing so many stores... whoever is the SVP / VP of Sears customer service should be FIRED....for this sheer idiotic move....and incompetence I am now calling my Sears CC to dispute the charges...


will update this shortly.. having someone else try to call the numb nuts in customer service for me today....

Original review posted by user Aug 04, 2017

placed order.. paid installation fee...

was told I didn't.... was hung up on by customer service agent... still no solution 2 hours on phone/hold.. said they don't know who installs their product???

how is that possible when I paid them and it is on my Sears credit card?? disgusted ready to cancel my order go to lowes.... paid haul away, oven coming tomorrow and microwave but not the installers, who don't do haul away... and sears said they don't come back for it.

.so I wasted $50.00...???this company sucks I am regretting my purchase before I receive it.

no wonder they are closing down so many stores. incompetence

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1598.

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