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Our 2-year old Kenmore refrigerator stopped working (as in, it didn't keep anything cold). It took multiple phone calls and 5-weeks to get Sear's to fix it - and this is after we took 4 days off of work and spent almost $600 with another repair company all because there customer service agents gave us wrong information almost every time we called.

My husband noticed that our 2-year old Kenmore refrigerator was no longer cold, so I called Sear's to have someone come out and take a look. I was informed that our warranty had expired after a year, and that a service call would be $70 plus and we would be responsible for all parts and service. I was also informed that the $70 service call would not be applied to parts. And, it would be a week before they would come out.

It didn't make sense to wait a week, or to pay Sear's $70 when another company would come out and look at the fridge for $30 and apply that to any parts and repairs. The company I called came out the next day, and looked that the fridge. They told us the the problem was one of two things - either our relay or the motor. They ordered the parts for the relay and came back the next day. It turns out it was the motor, which sot $1,500 to repair.

Since the fridge only cost us $700, making the $1,500 in repairs didn't make any sense. It also didn't make any sense that the motor would run out after only 2 years. The repair guys says that motors are usually covered for 5 years, and that I should try calling Sear's again.

So I called Sear's, and it turns out that we DID have warranty coverage after all. The gentleman I spoke to seemed very nice, and worked with me for about an hour to get this "resolved". He told me that I would not pay more than $120 out of pocket, no matter what was wrong. The money I had already spent with the other company was lost, but at least there was a chance that we could still get the refrigerator fixed. I felt much better after my call with him, and thought that things would get better. I was upset that we had to wait a week - they only had 1 person servicing our area, and that is the earliest he could get out. I was told that the service repair guy would be there between 8:30am-12:30pm, and he would have the parts with him. The repair guy that came out was very nice, but he didn't show up until after 4:30pm. He ordered the parts and made an appointment for a week later. (Just to clarify, we are now in week #3 with no refrigerator....)

The parts arrived, but the repair man did not. I was told that he would be there between 8:30am-12:30pm, and that he would call 30 minutes before arriving. At 12:30pm I called their Customer Service line and was told that there was no appointment on record. After being on the phone with them for 30 minutes, they said that it was my fault becuase I did not call and make an appointment. I said that I didn't know that I needed to - the repair man had stood in my kitchen, on my phone, and made me an appointment. They said that they would reschedule that appointment and he would be out later that day. When he finally showed up - just after 3pm, he notified me that they had delivered the wrong part. He called to have the new part ordered, and said to call him when it arrived.

When the parts arrived, I called to make my appointment. The Customer Service person I spoke to said that they had no record of me being a refrigerator from Sear's. I told her not only had we bought the refrigerator, but the Service Man had been out to our house multiple times at this point. She told me that her computer had no record of it. After about 20-minutes, she was able to locate our "file". Not sure wha the problem was, but yet another problem with Sear's.

Since they only service our area Tuesdays and Thursdays, we had to wait a few additional days once the parts arrived to have the fridge repaired. After almost 5 weeks after the refrigerator stopped working, we finally had it fixed. Although it is keeping our food cold, the motor is so loud that it is hard to have a conversation in the kitchen. They have told us this is "normal".

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