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I have now wasted three days off and have to plan for at least one more day to fix my washer. This washer cost me over $1200 about a year and a half ago and it broke down six weeks ago.

I have spent three days off waiting for my three 8 hour windows that the repairman made. I have to spend yet another day off because the Sears policy was to ship all repair parts to my house to save them some space. The last two minute trip that the repair man made to my house was to discover that a part was damaged during shipment and had to be reordered. This COMPLETELY Pissed me off as I had already wasted my third day off to accomodate Sears policy of 8 hour windows and home delivery of parts.

The second trip to my house was a total waste of time as I sat and watched the phone until I thought I would burst and had to take a bathroom break and of course it rang. I just missed the call and immediately called the technician's cell phone back and got voicemail. I left a message and called the service center immediately. They assured me that the service person would arrive.

Five hours later I called back and was informed that I had been cancelled!!! I went nuclear on the service center and they told me that the technician could not check his voicemail on his cell phone. I retorted that I was not a complete *** and yes, you can check your voicemail on a cell phone (that's the whole reason to have voicemail!!). Then they told me they tried my work number as an alternate number and I did not answer......

DUH!! I'm not at work because I an at HOME!!!!!!!!! Then they told me I violated policy and procedure by not answering my phone..... What policy?

Who's procedure??? I got so pissed I called the Chairman's office and was referred back to the service center. I ended up calling my store, the manager is actually a nice guy and cut through the red tape and referred me to One Source, the service entity that can get things done. I now am awaiting my fourth visit from the technician after about seven weeks without a washer.

The best thing that Sears could do was to say we'll send you $75 for your troubles. AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Four wasted days off, 12 trips to the laundry service at $70-$80 per trip. That's all the could do?

The rest of the repair should be free because they have fouled things up in a mammoth fashion and cost me dearly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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I feel your pain. My dishwasher quit the first week in June.

I called and they sent a technician out on the 11th.(it's now AUGUST 13th) He said he would need to order parts and to call when they came in. I waited a week for parts and then had to wait another week to get an appointment. He got here and found out that the wrong parts were ordered. So we wait again- only when the parts arrived, one was a duplicate of what they already ordered and one was the wrong part.

So now they do an "emergency order" and we wait for parts again. Then it's another week to get someone out. He installs all new parts and leaves. It worked for one partial cycle.

I call again- and wait another week for a tech. This one says the door switch is what was broken, replaces it and it worked four days. I call again- wait another week for tech. He says the door switch just needs to be adjusted.

He does that, leaves, and it works for 20 minutes. To add insult to injury, now the door squeaks to high heaven. So we call AGAIN- some of the people answering the phone actually hang up on you even though we are trying mightily not to scream at them. I have talked to the warranty people, customer relations, supervisors....

no one seems to be able to get it that the dishwasher just cannot be repaired.. Now they are coming out again tomorrow and I am quite positive that nothing will be fixed. I told the scheduler that she better allow enough time for him to stay for an entire cycle so that he can see it doesn't work. Sears has now spent about twice what the dishwasher was worth in labor and parts.

Not only are they incompetent, they are ***. This is the "top of the line" Kenmore- so buyer beware!!!!!