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installation of stove done improperly. servicemen sent back to do the job right said that hanging wires left by the first installers could've caused 'explosion'. they didn't unwrap the racks inside like they're supposed to, and they didn't check to see if the stove worked before they left. i had no stove for 4 days. told them very clearly that i wouldn't be home at a specific time...that's when they sent people out

also installation of bosch dishwasher done improperly. certified bosch tech. said the sears installers had crushed the water hose.

customer service is incompetent, and they use another company for installs

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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Sears Fan - you must work for Sears, or be paid by Sears. What you say just isn't true.

My experience is that Sears is incompetent. Let's leave it at that.


Clearly there was some mis-communication with the install service person that was setup to do your install as far as a set time was concerned. That is un-fortunate and must have been a mistake.

Sears as alot of major retailers contract out certified service techs.

If for some reason there was a issue with the first service tech I hope that you reported that because I know Sears cares and would want to make sure all service techs represent there company in a positive way and are able to do the job right the first time. I am sure if your report your concerns to Sears Install Customer service they will value your feedback.

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