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We hired Sears to install a new air-condition/heating unit.The sub-contractor was terrible, they started the job on June 29 and finished a month later.

A year later with water coming through my second floor to my first I find out Sears never installed it correctly to begin with. Now Sears won't take responsibility..

My insurance company is having to go after Sears to get them to pay for the damages.I am still having to spent lots of time and energy collecting information for my insurance company,NEVER will I buy anything from Sears again.

Monetary Loss: $30.


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Having Same problem with Sears on heating and air condition took 3 months to get a hold of someone.


OMG!I have also had the same problem with SEARS heating/AC install.

The ac leaked into my dining room and kitchen. Sears associated told me to contact my insurance company. That they would repair the ac but not the ceiling. AC was installed approx 5 weeks when this occurred.

city inspection was not done. my insurance company is going after Sears. I have since found out that Sears is owned my Kmart.

I guess you get what you pay for.NOT!!


Thanks for writing this.Sears has made me feel like I was at fault.

Sears installed and Heating/AC system in my house. Within 3 months I had a four foot hole in my family room. Now they will not service the AC because there was is no catwalk installed. I was told by Sears my attic has been deemed unsafe and I will need to installed the catwalk before they can send someone out.

I have also discovered that a building permit was obtained but city inspection was never done. Had city inspector come out installation failed inspection. Image that! Now no one from Sears is returning my call.

Home owners insurance says Sears is responsible.I have contacted all of the consume advocacy groups in our area - Including the BBB!

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