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One week before Christmas, and the very night before my 86 year old Mum was due to arrive from England to stay with us, our old washing machine broke and we suffered a major flood. I’m talking about 768 gallons of water, ceilings collapsed and around $50,000 worth of damage to two levels of our home. We ordered a matching Kenmore Elite washer and dryer set from Sears online, specifying a left hand opening door and ordering all the installation equipment that was recommended. It came with free delivery and professional installation. Unfortunately we had to delay delivery for 3 weeks due to not being able to get contractors to rebuild our destroyed laundry room (first priority) over the Holiday period. Now add in to the stress, if you will, the fact that both my husband and I caught the Flu and were severely ill, and our daughter also got a stomach virus and was severely ill, and our cats all got stomach upsets from the stress of their living situation being turned upside-down. You can only imagine the extra laundry...It was 3 weeks of sheer *** and multiple trips to the laundromat while feeling ill ourselves, and we still couldn’t keep up with all the laundry, which by now was about 20 loads worth building up in our garage. Finally we had a date for the laundry room restoration to be completed, and we scheduled delivery for the following day. I was so excited to be able to get our laundry done that I actually had a bottle of bubbly chilling ready to celebrate. Contractors were starting to restore the basement and main levels of the house and things were looking up. On the day of delivery, Mum and I went to see a movie and upon return I immediately ran to the laundry room in great find only a washer. I then went into my husbands study, who is a retired military veteran of 65, to ask him where the dryer was and found him visibly shaken and very upset. Apparently the 2 20-something year old delivery/installation guys had turned up with no paperwork whatsoever and with a dryer that had the door hinged on the wrong side to what we had ordered. They had no equipment, no installation knowledge and apparently had no clue what they were doing, ending up in verbally abusing my husband. The list of events was as follows:

1. They were told that the dryer door was on the wrong side. My husband had to produce a copy of the order to proove to them that we had ordered a left side door as they had no paperwork themselves.

2. They told my husband to just accept the dryer and just switch places with the washer...this would mean squeezing in behind the washer, opening the dryer door (blocking the room) and then having to pass laundry over the dryer door in order to be placed in a basket. This was not practical or acceptable to us.

3. My husband asked them to rehang the dryer door on the left side. They had two attempts before admitting that they had no idea how to do this.

4. The dryer had a steam sanitizer setting, but the installer had no clue what this was or how to install the water supply needed for this.

5. A cable needed to be wired into the back of the dryer, which they did incorrectly, loosely and with bare wires showing and able to wriggle about considerably. My husband would not allow it to be plugged in as the wiring was dangerous, so he had them store the dryer in the garage until we could get someone that knew what they were doing to change the door and install it.

6. They then attempted to install the washer. They started to scratch the labels off the stainless steel outside and my husband had to stop them before they scratched the surface and damaged it.

7. They connected the cold hose to the hot water supply and the hot hose to the cold water supply. My husband had to point out that they had connected it wrong and have them change it round.

8. They also did not know what PTFE (Teflon) tape was and did not have any to use on the water inlet connections. Consequently water started to leak all over the floor from both connections when we tested the washer. The floor we just had restored from flood damage...

9. By this time, my husband had lost all faith in the installation process, it being quite obvious that these ‘professional installers’ had absolutely no clue what they were doing. So he called Sears. At this point he had his phone in one hand, waiting on hold to be connected to a customer service/sales agent. It was also at this time that he had been feeling around the water leaking from the incorrectly installed hose connections, so his free hand was wet. The second installer at this point wanted him to sign for delivery on his phone. My husband would not sign unless he could see what he was signing for...especially having not received the correct order and having not received correct installation. Second installer then shoved his cell phone into my husbands wet hand, a cell phone which had no protective case or grip case on it, and which immediately just slipped out of my husbands hand onto the floor. And broke. My husband immediately apologised (although it wasn’t his fault) at which the second installer erupted with a barrage of verbal abuse, calling my husband an arseh**e and a motherf**ker. At this point my husband just looked at him and told him to get the *** out of our house right now...and thankfully he did, closely followed by the first installer who was behind my husband at the time.

10. My husband immediately got back on the phone with Sears, who were not really interested in what had happened, delivery being contracted out to other companies. All Sears was prepared to do was to send out another installer...but in another 4 days time, and no promise that this installer would know what he was doing or could change the door hinge.

11. I am absolutely disgusted with Sears right now. They have made very little attempt to listen to what happened, to apologise, or to correct things promptly and to our satisfaction. I want the hoodlums who abused my husband fired. It is just lucky that he is a young looking 65 year old and a large well built ex military veteran who was able to tell them to leave. If I had been there on my own, or my 85 year old Mum, we would have been very scared that these yobs could have added physical abuse or wilful damage to our property on top of the obscene verbal abuse. Sears should be ashamed of themselves and ashamed of their contracting out to cheap, unprofessional sub-contractors. They should be ashamed of their unwillingness to listen carefully to customer complaints and unwillingness to correct those complaints with empathy and care. I am beyond angry about this. My husband is a gentle, caring, lovely gentleman and he should never have been treated in this way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Washer And Dryer Installation.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Sears Pros: Product that they offered.

Sears Cons: Not listening, Verbal abuse and unprofessional delivery and installation.

  • terrible delivery service
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I'll be glad when I here that this company has finally gone out of business, and has shut it's very last store down.


Sears does not care about their customers. Dont buy warranties.

They dont honor them. I have a samsung front loader with over 15 repairs and they wont replace. I bought the damn warranty.

Not worth it for replacement. A score for them a minus 100.


The people working at Sears act like they ain't got no Connor sense!


This sounds very much like my experience with Sears. They just need to close down and fade into history. They absolutely do not care about customers at all.


Update: As the washer had at least been installed, I was able to do a total of 4 washloads of towels and bedding, hanging stuff to dry on a makeshift washing line hung between our stair bannisters...before noticing that even on a hot wash the water was icy cold. I called my husband and we tested the 5th load...the machine was drawing hot water for just a few seconds then stopping and only drawing cold after that.

Then the machine started repeatedly filling and draining, filling and draining, filling and draining continuously. That was the bitter end for us. We called Sears and they are picking both machines up today (Sat) for a full refund.

We also went to Lowes and ordered another make of washer and dryer to be delivered today. Hoping we have better luck with Lowes, they certainly seem to have been more professional and helpful so far...wish us luck.

@Lynda Mortensen

You don’t put Teflon tape on washing machine fill hoses. And the dryer cord just needs pushed in and the clamp tightened. If the machine was filling and draining you had a off balance load