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Purchased a 27 HP kohler mower tractor and had it replaced once for tearing up spindles and belt and know less than 80hrs.on it and starter took a ***. Starter rebuilders state that starter is a problem on these engines due to guality of materials used for the gear on the starter.

This machine is less than 2 yrs. old when it broke down. Kohler stinks and so does Sears for their poor customer service. A whopping $100 for the gear alone the starter over $200.

Shame on you Kohler you will be another Company going down the line like Car manufacturers and banks. shame shame shame

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Scott @ Sears care I am still waiting for the starter and lift motor, I spoke to some lady after making a complaint with the insurance commissioner at Sears over a year ago and she asked me to send bills which totaled approx.$360. I sent the bills and up till today I have received nothing. Obviously Sears was not willing to make good on this complaint.


I called twice and received no response back, the motor that lifts the deck up and down went bad and the starter also which already has been replaced. I know for a fact that this is a problem with these mowers, why is Sears so hesitant to make good on it? I do not think I will get a call back but the # is 863-228-2382


Dear Popo56,

I'm Scott; I'm with the Sears Cares Escalations team within corporate. I found your post here and wanted to reach out to you. I'm sorry to hear the starter on your mower has failed. Considering this isn't the first time you've encountered some trouble with your mower, I can understand why you're angered & frustrated. We'd like to help. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the mower was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (Popo56) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Scott J.

Sears Cares

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