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I purchased a refrigerator from Sears, which turned out to be a huge mistake! The salesperson assured me that the refrigerator would be delivered with the door handle on the right, and of course it was not, so the Sears delivery person said he would do it.

I then started to notice interior cracks on the base of the refrigerator. I called Sears, they came out and said all they would do was tape over the cracks using a special tape and epoxy. They ordered the tape and epoxy, and taped over the cracks and said to call if the cracks continued. The cracks came through the tape so I called and an appointment was made.

I was told by the call center, who made the appointment, that there would be no charge. The repair person did not show up or call, so after I called, they rescheduled the appointment for the next day, the repairman showed up late and informed me I would have to pay close to $400 for him to re-tape the cracks and then he left. I called and was connected with "customer solutions" where I spoke with a supervisor (Joyce) who told me she would send another repair person out and there would definitely be no charge, she said she made notes and read them back to me. The repairman (Brian) showed up on time, and told me I would be charged!

He then told me that the reason for the cracks at the base was because the door was improperly installed, he even told me how to fix it, which I appreciated. With all the repairmen that have inspected the refrigerator, Brian was the only one that knew what was causing the cracks. I took the door off myself and made the adjustments Brian told me to do and now the door closes properly, thank you Brian! But because all of the other repairmen did not know what they were doing and wasted so much time, Sears will not fix the cracks because they now say it ran over their time limit!

Can you believe this! They send people to set up your appliance that do not know what they are doing in turn causing damage, then they send inept repair people that (if they show up) don't know how to fix things properly. It was just luck that I got a good one (Brian), who immediately saw the problem and told me how to fix it. Can you imagine Sears wanted to charge me $400 for tape!!!

Do not waste your time with Sears, as the supervisor (Joyce) told me....the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing when you call for repairs. The latest communication I had with Sears Customer Solutions was with Gina....she said Joyce did not make any notes regarding your repair not being charged, so she would e-mail Joyce's manager and he will contact me; which I sincerely doubt will happen at this point. They seem to tell you anything to get you off the phone, especially their call center, as they and Joyce told me not to worry that I would definitely NOT be charged. This is how Sears treats their customers....I hope after reading this, you will think twice about ordering anything from Sears!

I will bet you my refrigerator that I will NOT receive a "call back" from Joyce's "Manager", as I was assured I would. (I will update this review if they are telling me the truth!)

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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