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This is the fourth avenue I've used to get some degree of satisfaction from my recent purchase at, and I honestly have no real hope that I will get anywhere again, but I have no other choice.

I placed an order online at almost a month ago. I received one

of the items delivered to my home in a timely manner, with updated

information on the website and through my email. However, two

other items on the same order have not been shipped to me, have not had

a status update on, and no one at the sears store or through

customer service can seem to tell me what's going on!

A few days ago, I tried at least six times to call the local store to see if perhaps the items were shipped to the store and I was supposed to pick them up. Once I went through the voice activated option and listed "merchandise pickup" as the department I wanted, I

told the guy that answered that I just needed to know if my order had

been shipped there or not - he told me to hang on and then tried to

transfer me to another line where the phone rang at least 20 times and I

finally hung up. I repeated the process and the same employee answered

and put me on hold for 3 or 4 minutes, came back on the line and offered

to call me back but before I could give him my information, he said the

person he was trying to put me on the phone with was available now and

he would transfer me - he then put me on hold for ten minutes before I

hung up! I then called again and pressed 0 to speak to a customer

service rep, who gave me the "direct number" to merchandise pickup,

which got me to the same guy I was having trouble with before! I simply

hung up when he answered and called customer service again. This time a

lady offered to look up my order but then couldn't find it in the system

after several attemps using my personal information. She then put me on

hold while she "tried to find it another way" and never came back on the

line after 6 minutes. Later that night, I tried to call the store again, and didn't get anyone in merchandise pickup to answer the I tried customer service again. This time the person again

couldn't locate my order and said that the systems were down and he

would have to call me back when they were up again!

If the systems were down, wouldn't he have known this BEFORE he started

trying to search for my order using my address/order number/and home

phone number?!?!?

To his credit,he did call me back shortly, only to tell me some long story about how some glitch had occurred on the sears website that caused my order to be sent to the store by UPS, where the package was refused and sent back...? He said to wait three days and then go into the retail store to the women's apparel department and they should have my order.

And so I just did.

My husband and I gave the short version of the story to the lady at the counter, and she immediately told us we'd have to wait for a manager. She called him once and after five minutes, called him again...with no response. Several more minutes later, the lady at the counter said the manager had called and he was on his way. We probably waited 15 or 20 minutes total before two people finally came to ask what was wrong. My husband and I weren't terribly upset at this point, and were honestly very calm about the situation and just wanted someone to help us. When it became clear that it was an online order, the gentleman then basically told us there was nothing he could do and that the people just didn't care and was trying to pawn us off on him at the sears store because they didn't want to deal with it! (Obviously he didn't want to, either.)

I understand that maybe he couldn't do anything, but there is a way to say that to a customer and he needs a class or two on how to do that. He became incredibly rude and made it clear that he thought the people were lazy and incompetent and rather than being interested in helping me, he just told me to return the items! I told him I didn't want to return them and he began to just walk away, all the while just telling me to call them. I then asked him for the corporate phone number, and he again told me to call them for that! He said, and I quote "they can give it to you. They may not...but they can."!!!!

My husband just spent 30 minutes on the phone with an extremely nice lady in customer support, who just now told us our order was in fact at the sears retail store we just visited - and had been there since 11/23!!! If Bryan, the so called manager, had taken five minutes to listen to what we were saying and actually give a %#@* about our problem, he could have most certainly found our order! Now we have to make another trip to pick it up, and after all this, I'm still not sure if we'll find it!

I won't be shopping at the sears retail stores again, or at And I will be telling all of my friends and family to do the same.

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