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after over a month the parts were finally order, arrived and installed

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being a Sears customer for over 50 years and refraining thousands of customers to Sears for products and service now they can’t take care of their own customers . I have been on the phone with Sears every day since 19 June trying to solve a problem that their department created with no success until maybe today .

We have a home warranty contract and when we placed a service call they sent the technicians out as a collect call when the technicians arrived they could not order parts to repair my washing machine because they had the wrong work order. After placing multiple calls to Sears home warranty department and their are so called customer care solutions I still do not have a washing machine that works. today I called the warranty department again and found somebody who could actually rescheduled the call as a warranty calls she was totally baffled that they couldn’t of done this on the 19th on my first phone call . So now I have to wait until the 29th to get another technician out here and then wait for more parts to be ordered . I have also been waiting for a call back since the 19th from a supervisor at the home warranty department apparently they don’t train their supervisors to do something as simple as dialing a telephone and make sure they have happy customers and that just tells me why their stock is down below three dollars a share .

It is pretty apparent that there is no customer service at Sears and everybody should be leaving Sears and purchasing products at companies that will take care of their customers.

One of the main reasons I want to see years for so many years and recommended so many customers is the fact that you could pick the phone up and call and get someone in the executive office who would make sure of the problem was taken care of in a reasonable amount of time now what I’m finding is the executive office is just hiding under a cloak of phone numbers that goes directly to their so-called customer service solutions department . Newsflash they didn’t solve the problem. I was cut off several times and nobody had the common courtesy of picking up the phone and calling me back.

I wonder if Sears will send somebody to my house to pick up my dirty laundry have it washed dried folded and brought back to me the same day. I don’t think I will hold my breath for that to happen I will turn blue and fall down . at this point even if the repairs are done on the 29th I want to know what Sears will do to keep me as a customer besides more empty apologies if that . this review will also be pasted onto my Facebook page sent to every military family in the country and on the 29th if I don’t have a reasonable solution to this problem I will be making a video for YouTube and for national TV . I would be willing to bet that they will be over 5 million likes on YouTube . I will make one final prediction if Sears customer service continues this way they will be out of business before the end of the year .

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Washing Machine Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Sears Cons: Customers service, No customer service.

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