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Update by user Jun 14, 2015

I have posted a review on Sears Facebook page. They replied right away to find out what happened.

I explained the situation and asked to help me resolve it. here is what they relied: "Although cosmetic rust is not covered under warranty, it is possible to clean the surface and protect it further. We often share this link with our members who own stainless steel GE appliances, as it does a wonderful job at explaining the surface and how to best care for it:

If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know!"

So if you are buying Sears appliances get ready to scrub your stainless steel appliances after a months of use. Also do not understand why are they offering instructions from GE appliances.

Very disappointing! However, lesson learned.

Quite expensive lesson, if you ask me. So whoever is going to buy Sears appliances get ready to entertain yourself with cleaning your appliances since Sears uses cheap materials that rust after a month of use.

Original review posted by user May 15, 2015

This refrigerator is quite cheap, but don't this let the price fool you. The quality of the stainless steel is the worst. After 3 months since we purchased it, front doors began to rust. Please check pictures. This was the first time we purchased Kenmore and the last time. The warranty that they provide comers nothing, and I mean NOTHING. I do not think that stainless steel should rust after 3 months of use. I may be wrong. But when you pay almost a $1000, you expect this item to last at least a year. This fridge was never wet, there was nothing that can cause the rust. It is just the material they used.

In case if you do decide to buy it, do not even dream of getting any customer support or help in getting a replacement. The manufacturer's warranty does not cover rust. We tried to clean as best as we could, but nothing really helped.

Again, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. It is not worth it. Do your research, by some other brand, BUT NOT KENMORE. They should be ashamed of the product they sell to people.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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That Kenmore model is made by Whirlpool, not LG.


Does Kenmore make LG since the refrigerator actually says Kenmore on it? Wondering?

The persons comment about receiving info from Sears about cleaning GE appliances, I wonder if they are related because many of the companies have merged. I know from experience GE is about the worst company when it comes to their appliances. It may be a toss up of Whirlpool and GE. The paint in their microwaves comes off and can become a fire hazard.

I purchased a home with a microwave where the paint was chipping off the inside roof of the built in microwave/oven combo and GE actually lied to me and told me I needed to replace the entire microwave and oven which cost over $3,000. Turns out they can replace just the microwave portion for a few hundred.

So not only would they refuse to repair the machine or replace it but they then attempted to defraud me by trying to get me to buy another built in convection oven/microwave. They lost a customer for life in return.


Its a stainless coating, not stainless. Check the other manufactuers, no one covers rust.

Its not fair you are blaming Sears.

BTW, your fridge is an LG. Call them, and ask


I agree I bought a whirlpool refrigerator they told me it was not stainless steel although it was advertised as such.

Buyer beware.