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The maker is Kenmore, the distributor is Sears out let where we were deceived once again. We bought what we were told is new but had a small dent and so reduced price still way over $2, 200.

Before it is even 2 years old it stopped cooling. Sears says ask Kenomre, Kenomre says ask Sears and we were disgusted decided to let others be very careful, if possible never go to Sears out let where they will rip you off. If we have made somebody be very careful we would have done our civic duty. No wonder Sears is going down and will even take Kenmore down with it.

We have called somebody to repair our fridge and our consternation is still going on. Shame on these companies

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Sears Cons: Hated it, I did not like.

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Good Evening!I will try and be as brief as possible and possibly grant some assistance and relief with your problem with your purchase from the Sears Outlet Store. Please review the Sears Outlet Certification Process: https://www.searsoutlet.com/d/c/certification-process."Sears Outlet Stores Certification Process -"Outlet Certified"Sears Outlet sells both new items as well as one-of-a-kind, out of box, discontinued, refurbished, scratched and dented, and used merchandise."All items that are non-new undergo a stringent testing process and, when necessary, have cosmetic parts replaced and/or are repaired.

Only once an item has undergone our thorough certification process is it approved to be a Sears Outlet Certified item"."All Sears Outlet Certified Products: * Are rigorously tested for full, like-new functionality; * Have missing parts replaced; * Are repaired, if necessary, and retested; *Are refurbished with replacement parts for mechanical defects found during testing; * Are fully cleaned and sanitized; *Follow the Sears Outlet return policy*"The certification process follows the same basic mechanical guidelines as recommended by the Original Manufacturer".Please note: This is a subjective opinion, but hopefully it can help you and others to cut through the mess when making purchases like this from the Sears Outlet Stores. Since you made this purchase three months ago, your warranty for repair/replacement is STILL APPLICABLE, according EXACTLY to the Sears Outlet Certification web page:"Customers Purchasing a Certified Appliance or other item from Sears Outlet should expect:" A fully functional and operational unit; "The assurance that the unit still meets Sears quality standards as the nation's leading retailer of appliances and appliance related products""The manufacturer's warranty still applies to both new and Out of Box items certified by Sears Outlet, with the exception of Samsung out-of-carton product, which is covered by a Sears Outlet warranty that covers 1 year of parts and labor.*In warranty home appliances are subject to repair only, unless a Sears Product Repair Technician determines that the appliance is not repairable. Contact 800-4MY-HOME (800-469-4663) to schedule a free service call*.**"Where applicable, all refunds will be issued in the same form as the original method of payment. You can read more about our Return Policy here.*****"If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please let us know.

Click here to send a message to our Customer Service team".***Pissed Consumer has some valuable tools and verified users who offer assistance and suggestions to help in the process. I hope this helps, and please keep us and pissed consumer know about your steps of resolution and any updates when you have time.Thanks again for reporting problems about Sears and Sears products.

@JJ Freeman

Thank you for the response and such a long and well-explained one. However, all your certification is meaningless to me because it has not worked for me at all.

You probably saw the picture of the Fridge I sent along and you cannot even see the dent on the right handle for which a substantial amount of money was reduced. Aside form that we were told it is new and that is what I found very difficult to believe because it stopped working just right after the the warranty is over. It is now going to be 2 years old in September. How on earth would I expect that such a top-of-the-line fridge would ever stop cooling in less than two year?

We were told it is new and we though we got the deal of a life time and we though Kenmore is one of the best. I am sitting down here and waiting for a repair man come in to see it and I am dreading that it is probably the compressor that has gone bust. Under this circumstances your certification is only just right up to the end of the warranty time. Yes, we were asked if we want to buy an insurance for it and we turned it down because we never thought that this would happen.

A fridge we bought for our garage for $450 from Lowes has been working for the last several years and now we have to move in some of our food into this one. That is depressing. The whole thing is depressing. Who know what happened when the fridge was dented?

Who knows whether it is new or not? We never used the ice maker at all. Just when I looked at it and turned it on, of course it did not work. The paper cover that was glued on it was still there.

Your certification to me is a joke. may be your certification would be meaningful if you could jack up the warranty time to two years or better, three years. The consumer is consumed from the fridge you sell us and then we from the insurance you want us to buy to protect your own fridge. That is abominable.

The whole thing is abominable.

If you are interested I will let you know what the repair man says. Your repair man asked $99 just to come here!