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Dear R.White Tiger (in Happy Valley, OR):

Thank you for posting your experience with your Kenmore Elite washer and dryer set. You have completed a great deal of research as well as great efforts to get the issue resolved properly, and are encountering the horrid problem that so many Sears customers are engaged in nationwide, and I wish to thank you for taking the time to post your experience.

Since you made such an enormous investment, both in your finances, employment and your own personal time, that what Pissed and other verified/non verified users can offer assistance and avenues to get your issue conducted quickly. Please pardon the length and the subjective opinion that I offer in kind. Two pieces of information found can hopefully help you concerning Kenmore Products is listed below:

1. Try filing a claim with Kenmore Corporate - Toll free phone number: 847-286-2500 (please see)

(The name of this website has given me a great laugh, but it is accurate and up to date, and they have assisted many others who have been having like issues and problems with Kenmore Products :) ;

the BBB ;

and the FTC

I have filed a complaint with the FTC and sought guidance and assistance from Pissed to get the process started. After some foot work and research and posting what occurred, it paid off BIG TIME for a purchase made through over a month ago.

2. Try using a contact cleaner designed for computers for the contact switch/pressure sensor/flow switch. This may also save you additional money going forward:

3. Once the troubleshooting for the above reference has occurred, I strongly recommend using regularly 2 cups of white distilled vinegar on the “clean” cycle (should your Kenmore Elite Washer have such a function) without clothing, and the tub full of warm (not hot) water. Run the washer in the warm water cycle to rinse. The vinegar will clean greasy residues, films and other contaminates (detergents, fabric softeners, etc) which build up significantly with use (The same applies to your coffee makers one the first pass, use clear clean water thereafter to rinse before brewing).

For example, I currently possess a Off Brand Maytag washer that was purchased in April 1991. 27 years later, it still runs like a champ! I had only two minor repairs made during this time; one to replace a worn drive belt for the wash tub, (1997) and the other, to replace the condenser switch in (1999). No problems since then!

You have invested far enough thus far, and it is a long shot should you want to engage it, but I wouldn't blame you if the mess you have already encountered is enough for you to leave it be. However, given your efforts and all that you have invested thus far, you have been a tremendous help thus far.

Hang in there, and please let Pissed and us know how it all worked out for you.

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UPDATE: Remember, this is a subjective opinion, but it WORKS!Here is some additional information to direct your issues with Kenmore Corporation to get some additional back up and attention for the appliances and services for this Sears product. Kenmore is a separate corporation, but still under the SHC umbrella.

Closely examine what the Kenmore Direct Page has listed thereafter the "home" page:, Look closely and CAREFULLY at the email extension listed there. By using a period between each key contact data component listed, the information listed has elusively set the 'intake control' variable, whereas, it will conclude in a "general" filter setting (where it eventually WOULD end up),normally; (i.e. an email "dead zone").For example, as it is listed, it states: csecom1@searshc.comThis is where you can control and direct the variable by placing a "period" between sears and shc; the other period AFTER the number one (1), just completed a test run for this extension, and it has not bounced back yet....I am awaiting to see where it should end up, exponentially), hang on.It went through! No delivery failure!

:)The computer intake server will complete the request by dividing and establishing the real destination where it is intended originally.Please BE SURE TO PLACE THE PERIOD between the words "sears" and "shc". It should go directly to the CSE (first customer service extension number 1) where it is segregated and directed to where it ACTUALLY should go. Monitor your email, as your "bounce back" from your email will confirm its validation and existence.Also REMEMBER that ai[24/7].com handles ALL Sears correspondence (email, phone contact, etc). That is why when you do call to resolve and take action for your problems with Sears, you get the run around.

ai [24/7] also currently handles and continue to conduct all of the payment information, order info, etc.

This very same" third party vendor" that revealed their compromise concerning a major data breech that involved Delta Air Lines, Best Buy, and Sears, to name a few. If you purchase ANYTHING from Sears, they handle all of the processes in their contract with SHC.Keep digging, your efforts will obtain what you are looking for.Thank you all for allowing me to assist where I can.


The bounce back for the email listed took approximately 24.75 hours for What this means is that the server performed its function in, it was segregated, and that it sat awaiting the opening to be received.

With that being said, (24/7) ai is a wee bit ahead, so use the extension as (I just completed the send, and so far, no bounce back.

Since it is a holiday weekend, it may sit in queue until Tuesday a.m., but I am certain that it has already been accepted "seen".It still will follow the same protocols, but will funnel down and reach the extension as apportioned. I'll keep you updated ;)


UPDATE:The "Bounce Back" I received initially concludes with a 'Delivery Incomplete' for, informs me that a 'temporary problem' was received for delivering the message to the first test email above. Google/Gmail has granted a nifty, accurate help section regarding such attempts:

Here is where you will know of its existence, substance and proof that the effort is VALID:Fri ,25 May 2018 07:16:10 -0600 IST (NOTE the 'time differential on the server attempt, as Sears/SHC, through [24/7] a.i. is their contractor to filter, receive and respond mechanism; named differential is 11:35 hours ahead of U.S. MST. It demonstrates the offshore server in India as 'IST'), and take a look at the - (the SHC ISP) noted below:"The response was: 'The recipient server did not accept tour (Gmail's attempts) to connect (Learn more at: answer/7720 [ generic: : failed_precondition: connect error (0): error.1.

The address extension at DID work --- it took approx 24.75 hours for the "delivery incomplete" notice, verifying its existence at the extension on that server; subsequently, since it does "exist", the address is NOT BEING USED at THIS TIME, and like the "email dead zone", it may be removed due to inactivity. Ah, GO FIGURE xD.However, Gmail will attempt to rectify it over the course of the next 20 hours ;). They also will let me know EVERY TIME the attempt is made to deliver the original attempt to send.2. The "intake variables" need to be in place with the period between the pre-determined "creation" destination input/output.

Remember: Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO). If that email extension DID NOT EXIST, the initial send would have failed, and Gmail would have notified me immediately that it was rejected.3. Monitor and collect the data as a result to your cases regarding contacting Sears/SHC. You will be surprised at what comes your way as a result.

Also, watch your spam folders and spam flags.Nonetheless, I'll keep you informed how both turned out. Happy memorial day and THANK YOU to all of our veterans and service members who stepped up to defend, protect and honor the peoples of our nation, the United States.

We owe each and every one of you for the debts you paid and pay 24/7/365 for us to relish and enjoy the freedoms we have today. I salute you!