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BUYER BEWARE: After research of the Kenmore Elite fridge/bottom freezer, I purchased it in March 27, 2016. I changed air and water filters as instructed.

The warranty expired on March 29, 1017. On April 3, 2017 an error code appeared on control panel and fridge stopped working. We were initially told there were no available service appointments until April 6, 2017 and then after we were uphold a Sears home warranty for $49.99/mo x12mo, miraculously a repairman happens to be in your area & will be dispatched right away. He arrived within 45min on April 3, 2017 Sears repairman on April 3 said “there is ice on the fan…minor problem …happens a lot with this model (KENMORE ELITE model #74013) “ and he used a blower to “de-ice the fan”.

The diagnostic fee for this visit was $80. + $299 for "parts & labor". After 2 hrs the same error light returned & fridge temp was 55 degrees. Immediately called Sears only be told “next available service appt was not until April 13.

Another 10 day!! On April 13 the service technician stated that there is a “service ALERT in our system for this". It is nothing you did or didn't do, this is a ”known problem" for this model... It doesn't handle humidity well and the refrigerator section freezes-up and stops cooling.

He stated that “it is a design flaw” and indicated that there were a lot of “bandaid repairs” that service people try but the only real fix is to replace the motherboard. He further stated that all the new motherboards had been re-designed to correct that original design flaw. I watched when he replaced the board and was shocked to see ice all around what I believe was the condenser and down the entire back of the fridge. This service tech also told us that the fridge had to be left unplugged to de-frost for 48 hours, then once plugged in we must wait an additional 6 hours before use to allow the fridge to reach the safe cooling temp.

So an additional 2.5 days without refrigeration. And this 2nd repair person actually charged $318.11 for Parts + $200 for labor +$99 diagnostic fee even though the 1st service attempt was "failed" and both repairmen were sent out to fix a known problem that was due to a known design flaw in the product. We have been a total of 12.5 days without refrigeration for a family of 6!.. Not to mention the fridge/freezer full of food ($$$) we lost and having to eat out for 13 days.

Did I mention that once the motherboard was on site it took less than 10min to swap it out!!! I'm truly disappointed in this refrigerator/freezer and Sears. The serviceman indicated that it could happen again, so I now know that if it does happen again, I'll just have to buy a new refrigerator/freezer and it will NOT be a Kenmore nor will we purchase from Sears!!!

I can not even begin to express how insulting, and poor, customer service has been!!!! Sears should do the right thing and recall this product, complete the motherboard replacements-free of charge to the consumer- and reset the original warranty on this flawed product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2100.

Preferred solution: The product flaw was known to Sears.Reverse all charges related to the replacement of this motherboard. The terms of the original warranty for this product should be re-instated/re-set from 4/13/17 motherboard replacement. Compensation for food spoiled.

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It's a kenmore sears has to do the waranty work


Who designed the fridge? Not Sears right? Call the manufacturer!!