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Immediately upon purchase of the gas dryer in Sep 2010 it began shutting off during drying and displaying the CE error code. Over the next several months we dealt with Sears for possible solutions. Sears sent a technician out who was sure it was the exhaust tubing, he "fixed" the tubing and called it a day. His efforts did not stop the CE codes and they sent another technician out He could not identify the problem and they sent me a new dryer claiming it must be the seal on the dryer door. At this point I've taken three days off of work to meet the technicians, the customer service staff is rude and unhelpful and I have no clean clothes. The new unit also displayed the CE error code. We experimented with load size, heat and time settings, fan settings, leaving doors open and scrubbing lint traps. Another technician tried shortening the tubing but that didn't help. Another couldn't identify any problem and they told me that there must be something wrong with the room or the ventilation in the house. Now at 5 days off of work.

Over the next eight months I had the contractor, HVAC specialist, gas company and roofers out to inspect various aspects of the house and room multiple time. All to no avail, there is nothing wrong with the ventilation, the fan, the exhaust exit on the roof or anything that they can identify at all. Now at 10 days off of work.

During this time I have discovered that if I put VERY small loads into my high capacity dryer AND wait 30 minutes between loads it will shut off less frequently, though it will eventually shut off again. Once it shuts off completely it will not turn back on for more than a minute without shutting down and displaying the CE code regardless of load size. It takes several DAYS before it will dry a load again.

Now it's clear there is nothing wrong with the house, I contact Sears and am told that they are sorry but the year ran out while I was on a wild goose chase, that they sent me on, and they can't help me. Maybe I should contact Kenmore. I sent Sears customer service several emails, no response. I sent Kenmore several emails, no response. Come to find out this is a common problem! All of that shock and amaze from my technicians sure was a great show though...then I see similar complaints on this site and am surprised to see people actually got responses!

Tonight I have 4 loads of laundry air drying around my house and what I've come to feel is the worst noise of all time ringing in my ears "beepbeep" "beepbeep".

I need a solution, and have so for too long now. I don't want another of the same set, it's clear they don't work the way they are supposed to. I need a different set that I won't have any trouble with. I bought a reputable brand from a reputable company so that I wouldn't have this problem, yet here I am.

Please contact me immediately for a solution.

Monetary Loss: $4000.


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Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada #1313993

This has been so frustrating, I find some comfort knowing I am not an *** that just can't dry my own pants, and that there are many having the same problems, remember the days when your appliances lasted for years, even decades... this piece of sh*t started acting up within months of purchase, and still no resolve.


I am so glad to hear that someone else is haveing the exact same problem.I've had the heating element replaced, the control board and all connections too!

I am now waiting for another technician to come on the 29th.

Houston, Texas, United States #1195736

Jesus Christ, same issue here. I have had 4 techs come out, 2 new motherboards, cleared the vent and still nothing. Every 2 minutes the beepbeep from ***.

Sears is no help, anyone know how to bypass the CE code?

Herndon, Virginia, United States #1195176

Our CE problem is using dryer sheets.I noticed the CE happened with my daughter - who uses dryer sheets - and not with me.

I use Downey in the washer. After I washed the lint screen with dish soap it got MUCH better. Also think the clothes falling on vent in a larger load is a problem.

I like the idea of lifting the front legs a bit.Good luck!

to Anonymous #1369243

I am so glad I read about the dryer sheets & the lint trap from you.We were having this same problem & I though it was something electronic that was wrong.

I scrubbed the lint screen last night until water could run through it. Ran dryer today & it is working fine now!

The manufacture should suggest this to consumers.It is an easy fix if you know that this can happen to begin with!

Auburn, California, United States #1142622

I have the exact same issue with our Unit.Brand new, CE alarms , clear vent, small loads, large loads.

I am a Field Service Engineer for a Injection molding Machine Mfg. I travel throughout the USA troubleshooting Large machines and Computer systems that run them. So I'm very Technically skilled and this dryer, I have taken completely apart, checked wiring, connections, vent system, the vent pull drive system and cage fan and the sensor located on the front lower right side of the interior by the door. All checked good either physically and electrically.

I have read numerous conplaints, and found that it must be a Main Board issue. A fault that is a design issue from the dryer mfg.

WHAT HAS WORKED IS THIS: Clear the dryer of clothes, remove the vent filter screen, power the dryer, set for SANITIZE And run empty for 2-3 minutes, pause, open door, install filter vent screen and clothes then close the door and start.That's the only way I have got this POS to work.

to Hokiewolf Houston, Texas, United States #1241268

I am a independent service technician with my own company and I have to tell you this is not an accidental issue this is contrived issue by a large corporation that expands across all major brands Garth 63 brands that expand across five major corporations and they want you to just have to buy a new onttThe problem is greed it's a design flaw on the PCB or power control board don't use dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener I recommend the beats because they break down in the spin cycle of the washing machine if you're already having this problem you need to have the venting system from the drum all the way out of the house to be scrubbed with hot soapy water and this sensor which is there on the vent by the drum also needs to be scrubbed and cleaned very well and that will reduce the issue I hope this helps also if you look on YouTube and look up faulty appliances you will find a 22 minute 46 seconds long expose done by the CBC Canadian broadcast company faulty appliances explained by the service men. This is a must-watch for any home owner or any person who buys new appliances


Same problem here.We bought one from a Sears salvage and we have discovered that if you raise the front of the dryer higher than the back, about a brick thick high, the clothes will stay to the back of the dryer and it will work fine.

We have had two successful back to back loads so far!Yes it's ridiculous but it works!

to Anonymous #1142624

This must have to do with clothes on the sensor of the front door area.Good find!!!

I will see about trying this idea out.Thanks


Same Issue here. Sears is Dying a slow death Maybe a nice class action and or recall on this product would awaken them to the failure of this product and the "Dedicated Customer Service Team" RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

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