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After researching places like Consumer's Report, we purchased the Kenmore Elite(what a joke just in the name!) HE5 front load washer and dryer,HE falsely implying high efficiency. This has been the biggest waste of many!

They lured us in with the claim of "70% less water consumption" the was BS, we have yet,18months later,to see a drop in the amount of water used, and I would argue the "high efficiency" claim with , if you have to run the dryer 2-3 times as long as the perfectly good 10yr dryer it replaced, then how exactly is it efficient?? We were also ***,smart ,not sure which yet, to purchase the extended warranty-smart because we have had to have them here 8-10 times to fix the worthless dryer,replacing one part after another..they have replaced the same part 5 times..the warranty says the dryer should be replaced if the same part has been replaced >4times....big BS lie, they are now refusing to replace the dryer because it cheaper to keep replacing the part" well so much for that $300 worthless warranty! I'd like to know how they can get away with this! They will not replace the dryer, but they sure as *** didn't have a problem taking our money and making false claims about the P.O.

S products they sell.what a disappointment Sears! And Consumer reports who recommended this sh*t!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Claim.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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