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Kenmore Elite (LG) Model 795.72063.112 purchased in June of 2013. Roughly 4-1/2 years old.

August of 2013: I call to ask about my refrigerator being so loud that I had to turn up the volume on the tv in the next room over. I told them it was sold to me as the quietest refrigerator in their inventory. "Jannet" in a foreign call center told me that it is perfectly normal operating noises and that unless it is physically bouncing around in its cabinet space that they won't cover it under warranty.

2/5/2018: Refrigerator stopped cooling, both freezer and refrigerator sections. I followed troubleshooting videos on the Sears website. I determined that it had lost its coolant as fans and all parts appeared to be working but it was not cooling. I called Sears and explained. They said it has no warranty so I am responsible for cost. I told them that the sealed cooling system has a 5 year warranty (expires 6/2018) and it is still covered. They suddenly find a way to send a repairman free of charge. They schedule for 2/19/18.

2/19/2018 (two weeks): Very nice repairman arrives and digs in to refrigerator and determines that it has evidence of losing coolant (black peppery grains and orange dye visible in cooling system area). He says he has to order parts and schedule another appointment to repair. They order parts to be sent to my house and schedule for 3/5/18. He asked me to monitor delivery and make sure the parts aren't leaking on my doorstep when they get there (??). While there he mentioned that the noises from 8/13 were most likely when it started slowly losing coolant.

3/5/18 (4 weeks): Parts had already arrived with no leaking oil on my doorstep. Same nice repairman digs into the refrigerator again and then removes parts from packaging. Repairman determines that the part Sears/LG sent was completely wrong. Sears/LG say it IS in fact the correct part. Essentially it would be like trying to fit a size 12 foot into a size 5 shoe so it is NOT the right part. He spends a lot of time on the phone with his technical manager, Sears, and LG. Conclusion was that no one originally knew what the correct part is and LG just sent a random part. Repairman said they would figure it out and have the part sent to my house for a 3/25/18 repair appointment. I verified with him and entered the day and time window into my phone right then and there. A few days later the repairman texted me to ask for pictures of broken part compared to the replacement one they sent so he could prove that it would not fit in the allotted space.

3/6/18: I walk into the South Center Sears store (Tukwila, WA), where I bought the refrigerator to talk to a manager. I walked up to the first salesman I saw in the refrigerator area and asked to talk to a manager. He asked what the problem was. I told him a rundown. He said there wasn't anything they could do. I asked for a manager again and then he identified himself as a manager. He gave me a run-around and then relented and said he could take a two-prong approach. 1st prong- He took my email address, phone number and name to send it up through his channels of authority. 2nd prong- I have to call their National Customer Relations number that he gave me (1-800-549-4505). I call and get "Nancy" at a foreign call center....

3/7/18: I start getting emails asking how I like my new refrigerator and if I would be happy enough to leave a review. I am still holding my composure and being way more cordial than I should be so I gracefully just sent those emails to the junk file. Note: I never received any more communication from anyone in the "2-prong" approach.

3/21/18 (6-1/2 weeks): I didn't receive the new parts yet so I look at my last invoice left to me on 3/5/18 by the repairman to see if there is a contact number other than the repairman's as I figured he isn't the most appropriate person to ask and want to contact Sears directly. The invoice says that they were supposed to be at my house that same day (3/21)! I did not get the predictable robo-call the day prior to confirm I would be there for the appt. so I figured that the 3/21 was a mistake even though it was on the printed invoice. According to my house cameras they did not show up at my house that day. I end up texting the repairman and ask if they were supposed to be there that day with the part. I then asked if I if I was supposed to still get it in the mail as we only had 4 days left to get it before the 3/25 appointment. He responded and asked for the Service Order Number. He never commented on the 3/21 appt. printed on the invoice.

3/23/18 8:00am: Update text from repairman saying that he would find out status that same morning.

3/23/18 2:03pm: Repairman texted saying that he was still working on where the parts are.

3/23/18 4:42pm: Repairman texted saying that he was having his tech manager look into it. He responded saying that they were still looking into it and wanted me to send them another picture with the evaporator part number on it "just in case". I could not find a part number anywhere on it and so I sent him close up pictures of all sides with a tape measure against it as reference. I said that there was a blue tag on a wire that read, 'MEE62105201'. He said 'thanks'.

3/24/18 9:37am: Message from repairman, "My tech manager is handling the issue at this point. I'll try and contact him today and get back to you."

3/24/18: No robo-call to confirm appointment. No call from tech manager.

3/25/18: My wife and I stayed home all day just in case they actually showed up with the part to fix it. No one called. No one showed up. Now I don't know if they still have a plan to fix it or even communicate with me. I have not been informed of what they will do now or if I need to set up another appointment, etc., etc. So in the evening I called the Sears National Customer Relations number again and got the world tour of call centers. This time I got "Chester" at a foreign call center. The Sears "Bullpen of Deflection Centers" only response is that they are all "very sorry" and apologetic that I'm having trouble with their appliance and service team but there is no responsibility or accountability by anyone to actually address the issues and work on solutions. I'll skip the calamity of comedic mis-phrases he offered as excuses and what-not. He did say that they don't have to cancel repair appointments if they don't have the part or anyone to show up. "Chester's" managers don't take calls and there is not one person locally that can make a decision. The only remaining action that "Chester" offered is that I can write a paper letter and mail it to the National office in Illinois. He didn't know who to address it to though.

3/26/18 (7 weeks): After missing their second planned appointment that they made there was no response from anyone at Sears, repair subcontractor, etc. so I'm not sure if they are going to do anything at all at this point in time. They have not attempted to make a new appointment or explain what the part is, if they can even get it, or what we can do as a contingency. I filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and local Attorney Generals office. I urge everyone else in this type of situation to do the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Sears Cons: 7 weeks of dealing with a broken fridge under warranty.

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