I too bought this refrigerator for an astronomical cost. As soon as the year was up it started breaking down, freezer thawed, all sorts of errors.

Sears sucks. They wanted $400 for a one year warranty! I agree with others, I went my entire childhood with one fridge, the only reason after 25 years that my folks replaced it was due to style.sears makes garbage, I'm sad I saved for a year for so long for me "dream refrigerator" I refuse to even let them repair it, rather use a local, honest repairman. Most of the times they just unplug and replug.

The latest is the ice maker, which sadly controls the water and ice... 16 months in... Absolute garbage. Don't buy kenmore.

They make it so it breaks and you pay for repairs.

Even the water filters are ridiculously expensive and need replacing every 3 months. Stay away.

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