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Kenmore Elite Trio 795.7756,57


The Kenmore Elite Trio Refrigerator is a terrible product! I have had mine 1 year and 3 months and it has been nothing but trouble.

I had either 4 or 5 service calls in the first year. The most serious ones involved the icemaker fan. A service call means getting off of work and being by the telephone from 8 am to 5 pm waiting for a call from the service person. So that was 4 or 5 days off work.

Having this refrigerator is like having a sick child. You will miss a lot of work. If you make the mistake of buying one, don't tell your employer! The service call that was the most irritating was the first time the icemaker fan went out.

I waited without ice and water for 6 or 7 days for the service man to show up. He showed up and did not have the part to repair the refrigerator. That meant I had to wait another week or two to get the part. It was mailed to me then I had to take another day off of work and sit around waiting for the repair man to come put it on.

It was such a mess, I had to totally defrost and restock the freezer. My new wood floors were also getting damaged by the constant water leakage. I should mention that I told the service department prior to the first visit that the error message said the icemaker fan was the problem. Why did that not alert the service person to put an icemaker fan on his service truck?

I think we had to do without ice and water for over 3 weeks, it may have been closer to 4. This refrigerator is a top of the line model that was very costly ($2308.91). I have always heard that you get what you pay for which is totally erroneous in this case. That was the first repair of the icemaker fan, the next time it went out the service man was savvy enough to bring a replacement part with him.

He fixed that a little over a month ago. I bought a service contract ($159.00) because the first year track record of this appliance was so bad. I never buy those things but felt that I had better protect myself with this lemon. It was a good move because I am now on icemaker fan number 3.

I called last Saturday for service but they cannot come until the 21st. In the meantime, the temperature is 70 degrees inside my refrigerator (wonder how my food will fare in there for almost week? Of course there is no ice and no water and water is again leaking all over my new wood floor and a piece of it is buckling up. I have had it with Sears and will no longer buy as much as a sock in their store.

Beware of Kenmore Products!!!

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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