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SEARS appliance warranty - what a FARCE! My husband and I have purchased MANY appliances from Sears - we have never had any REAL issues until now!

We purchased a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher (model 66514573N611) really cool and quiet - with a third rack (love that!) However - it has been Broken down with an F2E2 error FOUR times since February. Each time - it takes two weeks to get a technician out - two weeks to order parts and several more days to get the technician out to fix it. Their store salesperson and manager said their lemon policy says it should be replaced after 3 failures - however working with their warranty representatives is a NIGHTMARE! They insist that it must be 8 failures in a year!

UGGG! I am so upset I am ready to pull it out and leave it in their store! With Thanksgiving next week - I don't want to hand wash all the dishes with company coming!

I don't usually rant - but I am FURIOUS!!! False advertising at its best!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Dishwasher Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $626.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sears Pros: Dishwasher features.

  • Sears Warranty Repair Problems
  • Sears Kenmore Elite Dishwasher
  • Sears Kenmore Dishwasher F2e2
  • F2e2 Error
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Still no resolution from Sears ...went and bought a new dishwasher and hauled this one to the dump


I don't know if having an extended warranty is a blessing or a curse with Sears. We have one, and it has been less than 4 years.

6 repairs and scheduled for a 7th. It has leaked from the sump section/drain motor twice ruining our floor twice. They won't replace it (according to the salesman who sold me the dishwasher said that after 3 repairs, the 4th would qualify for an automatic replacement....WRONG) We are strapped with this lemon 13 more months.

After that, if not replaced...the first sign of malfunction, it is out of here! I will never buy a sears product again!


I did not purchase the extra service warranty..I just have the manufacturer warranty. But sears is the gate keeper for that.

One guy told me they just changed their mfg warranty to 8 times from 4 times.... This year. When it takes a month to get it fixed and $400 each time... this is almost impossible, expensive, and very frustrating.

Federal law says three times.

I have spent way to much time and energy in this already and they are going out of business... No wonder!!


After 3 it should be replaced. Call your local news media, the bbb and take them to court.

That is sears normal practices they try everything to get out of the terms of the contract. Rochester Ny


Thank you!!!