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Purchased Kenmore Elite appliances including a top of top of the line fridge which the ice maker broke a couple of months after the warranty expired. It cost us $400 to repair and now it broke again after owning this for 4 years. We also overpaid for water filters by 30 bucks a filter by being referred to Sears Canada's parts depot where I waited on average 30 minutes each time before being helped.

A mailman saw me one time and said that I could buy the same filters elsewhere and was shocked to see how cheap it was for the identical filter without Kenmore stamped on it.

Also the Elite dish washer we bought is louder than the Whirlpool dishwasher that we previously had and paid about the third of the price of this so called elite product. Also on the best setting, it barely cleans the dishes.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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I bought 5 Sears ELITE appliances 2010 lasted till 2014 all junked Don't wast your money all broke down in a few months of each other!

York, Pennsylvania, United States #807401

Sounds familiar... one month past the warranty the clothes washer breaks.

Service man attempted to fix it. I ran three loads of clothes through it and it broke again. My last kenmore washer lasted years not months.

Kenmore appliances are disposable boat anchors. I'm very disappointed.

Last year I bought 6 Sears ELITE appliances. I had not bought appliances for at least 15 years due to the fact that I have never had a problem.

Based on the previous performance, I figured I would just buy the Sears again but wanted more of the upscale features. Well 1 year and one month after the warranty expired on the ELITE appliances, a full 30% have quality problems that are "out of Warranty". I was told "you should have bought the extended warranty". The time I have spent on the phone with people who can't find my sales order and do not speak English that I can understand is totally unacceptable.

I will NEVER NEVER buy Sears again. :cry
My AMANA water filter cost more than $50.00 at Home Depot :(
Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #401952

Kenmore,Die Hard,Craftsman are all brand names put on a product Sears/Kmart sells, they own the brand name, they order there products from factories that make the specific product such as a dishwasher or frige and put there brand name on it.Theres nothing magical or special about it.It is the same product you can get at any other store just another brand name on it. It also comes with the same problems and faults.Its mecanical and not made to last forever as products were in the past, if they did how would these factories stay in business.

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