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I just copy an pasted someone else's review. Personally I lost $300 in food as well. Other are complaining I saw online too.

I bought a Kenmore 5.1 cu ft chest freezer (Kenmore Model 255.19702010) in September of 2011.This past week the freezer died suddenly.

I called Sears and was conveniently told my one year warranty was over. I got the run around from customer service and was given different numbers to call. Sears and Kenmore continue to sell these freezers even though a lot of customers have documented complaints online. There is also an energy rebate claim on this freezer because they are not as efficient as advertized.

I am not happy with sears or kenmore and I really do want my money back.Please save yourself the trouble and the money-STAY AWAY from this brand- stay away from Sears/Kenmore products!! 1d1871c

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I bought min in Nov 2011 and it just died yesterday.


Ditto! Lost hundreds in food. Disgusted.


I too have the same chest freezer and within a few months the seal on the door wouldn't seal and frosted up so bad I couldn't even open the door without using a crow bar to pry it open. I contacted Sears and was told about a rebate they were offering for this model freezer because it wasn't as efficient as stated.

I received ONE rebate check from Sears for about 38.00(-+)

The freezer finally died less than 3 years after purchasing. I will never buy another Kenmore freezer!!


Same model, same problem. Lost several hundred dollars in farm raised pork.


I have a small freezer from Walmart that works better than the Kenmore brand.

It is sad what has happened to Sears over the years. Don't trust their merchandise and NEVER shop on Sears .com. Good luck


What is your complaint? You bought it in 2011 and now it's 2014. You cant expect for Sears to give you your money back after three years of continuous use.


Well...well no wonder the landfills are full of 1, 2, and 3 year old Kenmore appliances! I cannot go along with this kind of planned obsolescence on the part of SEARS!

Help save our planet and boycott Kenmore appliances!

I agree with the customer above in this case, as I have been through the wringer trying to get satisfaction about my Kenmore fridge parts that are rampantly disintegrating.


But they CAN expect quality and they didn't get that. If you can't say anything intelligent then be quiet.

Do you work in Winter Park, Fla for Sears? :(


I also purchased a Sears chest freezer that was made by Midea. It stopped working after 17 months.

I got no help from Sears.

These freezers are a piece of junk.The company was cited by DOE and offered a rebate because they knew thay had a poor product that did not perform as advertized. Anyone who bought one of these was robbed!

Sears Response

Dear Anonymous475663,

Thank you for taking the time to post this feedback on your Kenmore Freezer. We strive to provide top quality products to all of our members and can tell you are dissatisfied from your post.

My name is Isaac and I am with the Sears Social Media support team. My group would like to speak with you further about this freezer issue you’re experiencing and would like to assist with a resolution.

Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Anonymous475663), and the phone # used at time of purchase to smadvisor@searshc.com.

Thank you,

Isaac D.

Social Media Moderator

Social Media Support Team