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I purchased a new Kenmore convection range...the top model they sold as we were building a new home and wanted a beautiful stove to go with it. Three weeks after the stove was delivered the convection oven stopped working.

They sent a serviceman out to repair it. 2 months later...the same thing...this time the master control panel was replaced. About 8 months later, the triple burner stopped working and so another repair, then the glass top needed to be replaced. Next was the door as it warped when I was cleaning the oven, using the self clean feature.

Last week I was baking something and about 10 minutes into baking the stove started beeping and beeping and had an F10 -ERR flashing across the keypad. We could not shut it off, so had to pull the breaker. The inside of my oven is now black, the racks are ruined. Now Sears wants to put another 600.00 + dollars into fixing this lemon.

I do not trust it and am afraid that it will burn down my home. I want the stove replaced or I want my money back. This stove is 5 years old. The first year..the stove stayed at my local sears store as we were not ready to use it as my kitchen had many delays while we were building. has 4 years of use and now is JUNK!!! SEARS...wake up! I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars at your stores. If you do not resolve this, I will NEVER buy from you again and believe me...I will tell everyone I know and don't know about this.

You are ruining your good name over a 1500.00 stove. FIX this issue. What if my home burned down...what if I had put a roast in the oven and gone outside to work on my yard and my house burned down? I would sue you...because you KNOW that this particular range is a lemon and refuse to replace it.

I will not be quiet about this until the issue is resolved.

Thank you. Kathleen BP

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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