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My wife ordered a Kemore stainless steel refrigerator from Sears on January 30, 2016 for our vacation home in Florida. We live in the north east and were not present for the delivery, but a family member was and stated that all looked well. When we arrived at our home in Florida on April 1, 2016 we noticed deep pitted rust on the refrigerator door behind the handle and surface rust between the doors. We thought no problem, Sears will handle it. To our surprise when we called Sears we were told that there is only a rust warranty for 30 days and they refused to cover it. We kept our cool and fought hard, we spoke to supervisors and various levels of management but they refuse to take any responsibility. We have always had stainless steel appliances from LG, GE and Samsung and have never had rust of any kind. So we then learned about, and tried the Magnet test and we discovered that magnets stick very well to the Kenmore product but not the other brands. We researched further and learned that nickel and chromium are used to make stainless steel "stainless" and if the steel does not contain enough of these compounds your stainless steel will rust. If there is enough Chromium and Nickel magnets will not stick to the stainless steel.

At this time my wife and i have given up on Sears and will no longer shop there. I'm tired of fighting and will consider this a $1,400.00 lesson. Im not sure how much longer Sears can stay in business in consideration of their current financial situation, but it's clear that the end will come more quickly if they continue to treat their customers poorly!

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