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I bought a Kenmore refrigerator 5 years ago for $1200.00 and this last sunday I had to buy another

refrigerator. This time it cost me $ 1100.00. The man who picked up the old one, said get a repair

agreement for the new one. They are not meant to last over 5 years now, not U.S. made. The refrigerator before I had for 20 years- Kenmore.

I'm not rich, so why cann't they make them in the U.S. and made to LAST. There should be some recourse of bad companies making bad products.

lurenda, wa

Review about: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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This isn't just Sears . It's called planned obsolesence. Design them to ware out in 3-5 years ,

I hate to say it even though you paid for the features on your refridgerator the less features on an appliance the better. Simple math - the less that can go wrong. Most appliances today are over accessorized and built for style and appearance and not longevity or durability.

I don't know about the service agreement. Sometimes it's just better to pay the repairs as they come and put those service contract dollars in the bank.

Some of the things you can do is make sure the rear of refridgerator is well ventilated. If you have access to the commpressor coils vacum them once in a while. Make sure any air filters are kept clean. All this helps make for better air flow which helps keep things cooler. Heat is the number one enemy of your food and fridge.

Make sure the unit is on a protected circut and or a surge protector if possible-power surges AND outages can mess with the electronics and compressor on a fridge.

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