Lehighton, Pennsylvania
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We purchased a Propane Grill for almost $500 two seasons ago. We have kept it covered in winter.

Opened it up to clean and use this yr and the Fire Box bottom fell out in chunks. Went thru the proper channels at Sears..had repair person out...HE AGREED, THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED AND WOULD NOT BE COVERED BY EXTENDED COVERAGE.. vents channel any rain into firebox..DON'T BUY SEARS GRILLS...LOOK HOW THE LID DOES NOT COVER THE VENTING...ALL RAIN, DEW, AND MOISTURE GOES INTO FIREBOX. I thought Kenmore would stand behind their name as a manufacturer.

Rudely treated by second level person..LIZ...I did not lie about anything, AND even had repair man talk to level 1 JOHN(very nice)from my deck where the grill sits....LIZ lied about taking my case to a "review board"...called back in 10 minutes with no as answer, THERE IS NO REVIEW BOARD. She will not give me name of her superior.... I asked for 50% credit as a grill should get at least 5 years. I cannot replace a grill for $150 offer as a "gift card for Sears"....

after weeks of phone calls, repair person, and being treated rudely...I should have asked for 100% refund.....ADVICE TO ALL DEALING WITH SEARS....START OFF ASKING FOR FULL REFUND, THEY WILL TREAT YOU LIKE YOU MEAN NOTHING---I GUESS BECAUSE THERE NAME MEANS NOTHING ANYMORE!!

By the way, I am not a kid...been married 40 yrs and have had several grills....so I know what I am talking about!!!

Monetary Loss: $477.

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I just went through the same issue... Ours almost caught our deck on fire and thank god we got it out or the tank could have exploded!!!! I will never buy a Sears product again as they do not stand by their product!

Sears Response


I saw your comment here and I wanted to reach out and apologize on behalf of Sears for the difficulties that have occurred with your grill. At Sears, we pride ourselves on making sure our valued customers are satisfied with our products and services and it appears we have not met that goal here. From your post I can see that this has been a source of great frustration for you and we would like to look into this further. At your convenience please send the following information – contact #, screen name (cdoshin), phone # used at time of purchase to smadvisor@searshc.com. It would be our pleasure speaking to you.

Thank you,

Dianne D.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

@Sears Response

I am trying to reply by your email address and does not connect.Also am trying to reply on this site and not sure it is going thru. If it is please post another site or way to contact you. This does not allow for me to put my direct email into the reply....cdoshin@ptd.net.

@Sears Response

OK this time it did....please contact me directly