Purchased an LG refrigerator. Just before the 1 year warranty ran out the freezer died. ?Called for service had to wait a week in 88 degree weather by that time the refrigerator was not working at all. They came and had to order a part that took 3 weeks to arrive. Here I was with no refrigerator 88 degree weather and had lost about $400 worth of food that they would not make good on. When the part arrived it was the wrong part which took another 2 weeks to arrive. They then put the part in and then about a few days later it broke again, Took another week to come and order the part again which not has been 3 different parts. Finally it broke again and one of the men told me this was a problem and he hot wired it now I have no light in the freezer. The drawer part broke off trying to open it and then the freezer drawer broke also.

I have now been without for over 3 months in the hot weather and in between we are now have a loss of $800 in food.

Then the real problem begins. I had to go pick out another fridge.Arranged for delivery they never showed. Said they called me never answered. I gave them 2 numbers to call. 2nd attempt waited again saw the truck go by the house slowly turn around and go up the street. I called Sears and told them the truck did not stop. They called the dispatcher and they said they were banging on my door 20 minutes and I did not answer. My reply to that was I had a 140 lb, lab in the yard purposely so she would bark and let me know they were arriving,.I also have a Newfie that barks at a pin drop. No one would knock at my door 20 minutes I have a doorbell and was looking out the window waiting for them. She would not leave anyone in the yard. 3rd attempt they came over. /said they could not deliver the refrigerator as it would not fit by the railings. My previous refrigerator was the same size never had to remove the railings. May I add I had to pick out another refrigerator at a cost of $700.00 more now I am up to $2,300 but they have my money and still no refrigerator. I told them I can remove the railing in 5 minutes. I told them by the time they took out the old refrigerator the railing would be off. They said we cant wait. I said there is no waiting by the time the fridge gets out of here the railing will be off. Previously the railing did not have to be removed for the same size. They said they could not wait and left. I immediately called Sears and they assured me the men would be back. They never called or showed. I need to explain that I am handicapped and had to 3 times pay someone to unload the fridge. Plus now 2 days later I have no railings and unable to go up and down the stairs. Went to the Outlet and the manager really did not care nor would they give me my money back as it was over 30 days. This is all crazy. I have been doing business with them for 42 years and I will no longer ever purchase or do business with them again. I warn everyone stay away. I also purchased a dishwasher at a cost of $699 and it is just over a year old and is broken. I am alone and only use it once a week and it was a double drawer one. Needless to say I went also to purchase a stove. Sears was more expensive then Lowes. They do not charge for delivery and their warranty is 80% cheaper then/Sears. Stay away from Sears. This has cost me so much money and time from work waiting around for deliveries that never happen and appliances that break down before a year is up.

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