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I had ordered my daughter a car seat through sears because we couldn't find it anywhere else in the print we wanted. So we went to the store and to customer service to order it and asked multiple times if it was the specific print we had wanted and she told us it was and the third time i asked she flat out ignored me. We called them a few hours later telling them to cancel becaues it was not the one we asked for and they never got back to us to confirm it was canceled or anything, and we called and they said it was and the money would be back on my card, well its been a week and there is still money missing off my card, it was an almost $300 car seat.I will never be dealing with sears for anything ever again!!

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To Sears Valued Customer,

I apologize that the wrong car seat was ordered and the frustration and inconvenience that this has caused you and your family. We would like to help you and make sure that you are quickly refunded. My name is James and I am part of the Social Media Support Escalations team at Sears and we value your business. At your convenience, please contact our office at smsupport@searshc.com. Please send us an email providing a contact phone number and the phone number the car seat was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email please provide the following screen name, which I created for you, (carseatrouble) for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon. Thank you for the opportunity to assist! If you need additional assistance from Sears or Kmart, contact us at searscares@searshc.com.

Thank you,

James H.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support