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Salesman told my husband & I that if we didn't use the 3 year extended warranty plan that we could get a full refund if we cancelled right before the 3 years was up. He told us we wouldn't be out any money if we didn't use it.

This was the selling point for us. We forked over the $330 on a $1200 refrigerator. I just called & was told by Cathy at the customer service center that it had to be in the 1st year. The salesman NEVER told us that.

He just said we had to keep the original receipt & call right before the 3 years ended. She didn't really care & hung up on me! Nice, right? That's the opposite of customer service!

I was on the phone & got a buzzing sound which told me she disconnected or hung up. Either way I will never shop here again! Sears used to be my 1st choice for applaince shopping but now I will never shop here again!!!!! I was lied to by the salesman who talked about all the issues they were having with refigerator coils & other things, how expensive it was for repairs & how we wouldn't be out any money if we never used the warranty!

Lies, lies, lies!!!

I don't know who trains their salespeople but it's shady! You won't get another chance to steal my money!

Monetary Loss: $330.

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