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My refrigerator went bad right after spending over $200 dollars on groceries. I order a new refrigerator from Sears and the order got cancelled for whatever reason.

I placed a second order the very next day. The delivery was suppose to be in 2 days. Sears decided to change the delivery date to 3-4 days later after the promised date without telling me about it so I could got prepare or buy something locally. I finally got my new refrigerator and when I got it the bottom cover was broken, I could easily see the silver screws the minute I open it up.

I end up trashing all my food steak, fish and everything else.

Sears needs to improve their communication to customers and concentrate more on meeting clients deadlines. They offered me $50 dollars credit to keep it, I refused it and I am returning it back to the store, it should get pick up on April 12 2019

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Sears should buy you all new groceries to replace the ones that were lost because of their defective refrigerator. Either that, or they should refund all of the money that you paid and deliver you a brand new top of the line refrigerator at no cost.

Ideally they should do all three: (1) Refund every dollar that you paid (2) Deliver you a Brand new Top of the Line Refrigerator at no cost to you. (3) Replace every item of food that you had to throw out because of their defective refrigerator.


Given the sad financial state of Sears, plus their current unreliability as to customer service and repairs, you need to buy a new fridge from someplace like Lowe's, where the delivery is free and the service, at least in my area much better than Sears.