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7/6/2011 - Requested a repair service for a dishwasher. 7/13/2011 - 1st appointment: No show: Repairman called around 17:30 and told us that he was behind his schedule and was unable to come today: But the Repaiman(or dispatch) reported to Sears that no tech was available in my area that day: got rescheduled for 7/22/2011.

7/22/2011 - 2nd appointment: No show: Repairman called us around 16:00 and told us that he got injured on site and was unable to come today: But repairman or dispatch team reported that the repaiman called I sick in that morning: got rescheduled for 7/30/2011. 7/22/2011 at 17:15, called the customer solutions: told them about the situation: they considered it as life-threatening issue and rescheduled us for 7/23/2011. 7/23/2011 - 3rd appointment: repairman came but needed to order a part: got appointment to come back for 8/6/2011. 7/29/2011 - Ordered part arrived.

8/6/2011 - 4th appointment: No show: repairman called at 15:30 and told us that he will be at our house by 16:30: repairman called again at 17:30 and told us he needed to order additional part for our dishwasher so he can't work on it today: repairman reported to Sears that he needed additional parts:no rescheduling was mentioned: No evidence of any additional parts being order for our dishwasher. 8/10/2011 - got an automated confirmation call for appointment on 8/11/2011: called customer solutions to make sure the "additional parts" was received by the repairman: customer solutions told us that the repairman had all the parts that he needed to work on our dishwasher. 8/11/2011 - 5th appointment: No show: called Blue Ribbon Department at 13:00 and was told that the repairman is running late: we were the 5th house and he arrived at his 4th house at 11:01am: called customer solutions at 16:00 and was told that the repairman has left the 4th house at 15:40 so he will be at our house by 16:30: called customer solutions at 16:30 and was told that he is on his way to our house and he will be arriving in 20minutes: the repairman called us at 17:10 and told us that he can't come out because he needed another repairman to fix our dishwasher: repairman reported to Sears that he needed additional parts: got reshceduled for 8/19/2011. FACTS: these appointments are first come first served basis, but if the repairman doesn't show up, you are bumped to back of the line: Blue Ribbon are limited on making ourbound calls even to customers for two hours a day.

Just for a reminder: this case has been considered as a life-threatening case by the customer solutions.

What a way to treat a LIFE-THREATENING case. Sad but True.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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Typical. I'm on my 4th time to have a "repair" man come and fix my washing machine.

All they do is order parts then the part's don't fix it. These so called "repair" men should be called swap-tronic men because they are completely useless.

They just keep swaping out parts one at a time until it works (which is hasn't yet). I'll never by another thing from Sears!


Once again this proves that purchasing a protection agreement from Sears is worthless. Regardless of if this person purchased one or not, Sears clearly does not care one bit for their customers.

If Sears did care about their customers then this would never have happened