The transmission went out on our washer machine a month ago. They sent repairmen out to diagnose the problem.

Then they didn't have parts anywhere close. So they had the parts shipped to our house and we had to store the parts as if we are their own personal warehouse. Then they were to come back in 9 days. One of the boxes that was sent had grease/oil on it and stained our front porch.

When the repairmen arrived today they knew the sent transmission was bad by the grease on the box. Obviously whoever sent it would've known it was bad before they sent it, but sent it anyway. Now I have to wait another week for them to get another transmission. The washer completely stopped working last night and won't even clean a little.

In addition to that I just got around to folding the clothes of the last week(busy mom always behind syndrome) and found that instead of cleaning the clothes, the washer has been adding oil and grease stains to all my clothes that were cleaner before they were even washed. Now I have set in, new stains. I also have to wait (at least) another week for the repair to happen.

And of course you have to be available for them to come at the very non-specific time of 8am-5pm. At least the repairmen who've come are polite.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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