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I am an associate at Sears in Plantation at the Broward Mall. I have not been working here long but I have a seroius complaint about one of the assoicates.

His name is Earl, one of the LP personnel. He is rude, nasty, and very disrespectful to fellow employees. It makes no sense to complain to upper management because nothing will happen. He disrespects and curses out everyone that comes down to ask for the key to the camera and tv cages.

At one point he yelled at one of associates, "Why are you selling the wrong ***?" Is this professional?

Unless you are of Carribean decent, you are nothing to him. All I am asking for is for this man to be respectful to his fellow employees before something happens drastically.

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Too many cars in the mall areas in oklahoma City are getting robbed-window break-ins, etc. There was even murder outside of the Quail Springs Mall.

Victim was in the car, in front of Sears.Stalking of a victim goes on and has been for years-security knowing this. Robbery has occurred, the rape of a woman outside of the mall-Quail Springs Mall. It goes on; these crooks know there are no cameras on the outside of the mall areas. The guys in white jeeps, theey can't be at all places at all times.

The stlking victim and raped victim should sue big time. Walmart has cameras and victims have been saved.

There is no excuse for this. I was told alot of crimes at the mall have not been made public knowledge.

Tishomingo, Mississippi, United States #34189

Sears has an internal hotline for associate complaints when they feel a manager is not regarding them. 1-888-88-SEARS

to HermanGoesToHollywood #667156

Wow ur comment deserve - 0 stars! If u didnt know that 88sears *** DOES NOT WORK.

If u have a complain NEVER EVER EVER CALL THAT NUMBER!!! its the same *** as if u talk to your stores HR. Instead theres another 1800 # unfortunetly i dont remember it but NEVER CALL 88SEARS!!!

if u have a complain call your local department of labor which almost always scares them straight! And it fixes things.

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