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We purchased all new kitchen appliances (over $3500) from Sears to help sell our home. Since we were moving and had no internet access I submitted the rebate by mail in February.

After shopping at my new local Sears store

in June I was given a mail-in rebate form which reminded me I had never received the $75 check for the free appliance delivery. I checked the status of my rebate online and it was not found. I tried calling the number posted online and it was not in service. I found a number on the latest rebate form and called it only to be told they couldn't locate my request.

I asked what I should do and they said they would try to trace it and to call back in a week. Since I had my original receipt I tried to submit my request online and received an automated message that it was past the deadline. After the week went by I called the rebate center again only to be told they had found out that I had submitted the request too late, despite my explanation that I only did that AFTER I had called them and learned they had misplaced my mailed form. I talked to the manager who said the same thing and that I had no recourse.

I went to Sears.com and tried emailing my complaint only to receive an error message. I called the retail service number and got the same answer - after the deadline nothing could be done except write a letter to the corporate office.

I asked for an email address and was given cstrel@customerservice.searshc.com which does not work. We have spend thousands of dollars at Sears over the years and I can't believe they would lose a good customer over a $75 rebate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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So we are going to blame sears for not sending you your 75 bucks? How do we know that you didn't screw up when sending it? Maybe you forgot to cross your 'T's or dot the 'I's' .

I hear so many complaints from people about how they didn't get their rebate. The majority of them don't even fill out the forms correctly or send in a copy of their purchase, yet they feel they should be owed something for having to wait forever or not even receiving their rebate cause they have less than half a braincell to properly fill out a form and read the rules/submission information.

Your an ***, why would you spend 3500 dollars on new appliances for a home that your gonna sell for less, yes its a good investment but in the end your robbing yourself.


So you are giving up on a company which you state you have been with them for a lousy $75? Thank God I don't have you as a friend.