In October of this year I bought a new heating/air conditioning system from Sears. Two days after it was installed we had an unusually hot day so I turned the air conditioner on. It didn't work properly so my wife called Sears to see if they could come to check it out. She was told that we would be contacted by someone else "shortly". Two WEEKS

later I received a letter telling me that because of the time of the year they would not be able to test it properly & that I should contact them in the Spring. I have COPD, so not having air conditioning is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Needless to say I will never again buy anything from Sears, K-Mart, or any of their affiliates. If there is any doubt as

to why Sears is doing so poorly in comparison to other big stores maybe they ought to remember what customer service is all about. They surely

don't have any!

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