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This is the thanks I get for going to sears, I drive 20 miles to see about this great deal on eye glasses,as I approach eye glass dept. the man walks pass me and says sorry its lunch time so I turn around with my wife and we go shopping thruout the store. Now I come back about 45 minutes and sit in the seats provided for customers and wait another 15 minutes until the same man comes walking back with a plastic bag with a foot long sandwich and walks rite by me never says a word, never aknowledge me or my wife and could care less, ,so I got up drove over to Wallmart and spent 228.00 dollars on a new pair of glasses and recieved them in 5 days,you will never see my business again Michael DiBiagio

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Labor laws differ from state to state and company to company. But sears has a policy that an associate must take their meal break before 5th hour mark and must not work no more than 4 hours 45 mins before being required to take a meal break. If they don't they can be written up/warned and if it persists can be terminated. Reason behind it is state labor laws, state(s) will penalize a company for meal break violations.

So don't *** about the guy who went on lunch and didn't submit to helping you, blame yourself for voting/not voting in state elections when it comes to labor practices. . .

Lastly the eyeglass place and others like dental are not run by sears but contracted with sears. They can run their business as long as it is within company policy. SOOO don't blame Sears for not getting your eyewear but the guy who is contracted with them.


Actually if you work for sears and dont take lunch they can fire your butt for that. *** huh?


A sensible business person (unlike Tasha who is absolutely clueless) would have waited on the customer and then eaten lunch.

Good for you Mikie! I would have given someone else my business too!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #178220

I bet if you were on your lunch you would do the same thing.

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