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Be advised the telephone agents at Sears Canada do not follow up on commitments the have made. I requested an investigation on a warranty dispute and THREE separate agents committed to having a supervisor follow up with a phone call to me within 24-48 hours.

In each agents case, not one supervisor called back to ever address my concern or to follow up on status. In each agents case, I initially requested they get a supervisor on the phone, they put me on hold and each one said the same thing, "unfortunately ma'am, my supervisor is on another call at the moment". In addition, I asked the 2nd agent how the supervisor and any other agents would know of my issues so I would not have to keep repeating myself. He told me he would add notes on a "verification screen".

Of course when I advised the 3rd agent of this, he indicated no such notes existed. After 3 weeks of being ignored, I finally sent emails before any action was taken.

Going forward, I know to send SEVERAL emails with the same subject and text on the SAME DAY. This is a good way to get attention.

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