About a year ago I called Macys to set up a payment plan as I had done with Walmart to close the account and pay off the balance with 0% interest. This was agreed upon and we made the monthly payments but interest was still being applied. We called several times and no one seemed to know what was going on with the account. I called last night and spoke with a guy who bascially said that although I've been paying $20 a month for a year, they've been charging $30 a month in interest, so infact my balance increased instead of going down. This customer service guy was very unhelpful and said it doesn't matter what you discussed in the past, this is the situation now and you need to pay the balance. He assured me that the supervisors have already looked at my account and that is the note on the account.

I told him if you want another dollar of me, you better let me speak to a supervisor and so I was transferred. The Supervisor was totally the opposite, very friendly, apologetic and helpful. He reviewed the notes on my account and couldn't make sense of it. He said it looks like we were put on a program for 9% interest (even though our statement clearly shows they've been charging 25% for the last year. and I again explained to him the program was suppose to be 0% interest.

Long story short - he credited the account $270 to cover the finance charges that were incorrectly charged and put us on the payment plan with 0%. They don't do this for everyone, you have to be in financial hardship and in our case, we were considering a debt settlement agency to take over our accounts. One credit counselling service advised us to file for bankruptsy which we didn't want to do. so having truthfully explained our situation, they were willing to work with us.

In summary, don't even bother to talk with the customer service agents who you get when you first call - they are rude and unhelpful. Talk with a supervisor and explain your situation - they are helpful because they want you to pay your debt in full and if they need to stop finance charges for you to do that, it is something they can do. Of course, it will close your account but it will also keep your credit in good standing.

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