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My husband and I have been loyal Sears customers for over 30 years.  Each of the 8 houses that we have built has had Sears appliances.

 We currently have all of our appliances under maintenance agreements, but are extremely disappointed in the service that we have experienced when we have scheduled appointments.  Out of 5 scheduled appointments, a technician has shown up once.  On a scheduled appointment day, we have had a "no show"/ no call, cancellation on day of appointment , etc.  The appointment has been cancelled and the notice indicates that we have cancelled it, which is not true.

 Each of these days, my husband has taken a day off of work to be at the house and after this happening several times, I am wondering if Sears is offering a service (and taking the money) for a service that they cannot provide.  We have spent hours on the phone to try to get a resolution and we have talked to people in India and various other places around the world that tell us the technician is still in our area (NOT!) and we have been transferred to numerous other departments with no resolution.  In the meantime, I have a stove with a turbo burner that does not work properly and I am told that the Idaho (where I bought the stove)  technician cannot do the conversion that is needed to make this burner work correctly.  So, we asked that they get a Wyoming technician here to do what needs to be done.

 We are told that the Wyoming (where we live) cannot do the conversion either.  We are told that we need to get our gas company out to do the conversion, but the gas company will not do any work inside the house.  So, I am sitting with a stove that has a defective burner, paying for a maintenance agreement that is not serving any purpose. I am thinking that if my stove cannot be repaired, then Sears needs to provide me with a stove that works and can be serviced.

 I have called numerous times and I am told that I have the option of cancelling the maintenance agreement, which I do not intend to do.  I feel that if Sears sells a product and I pay to have the maintenance agreement, then they should be able to make sure it works properly.  I also had an ice maker replaced in my refrigerator and after having it replaced, it flooded my wood floor in the kitchen!  Out of the 5 appointments that have been made, 1 has been kept, even though my husband has taken off of work all 5 of those days to wait for the technician.

We are extremely frustrated with the service that we are paying for and not getting.  I would like a case manager assigned to our case so that this can be resolved.  We are done making calls to people who offer to reschedule our appointment and people who transfer us to another department with again, no resolution or help with our problem.

 I am considering turning this over to Gephardt or the Better Business Bureau if I do not have some kind of resolution in the very near future.   

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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