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Purchased a side by side fridge in 2013 and subsequently after 1 yr seepage occurred at the ice cube area wherein seepage started oozing out and by and by rust appeared. This was a slow process and I kept thinking it would mellow out but did not so I called a repairman from Sears who looked at the fridge and said they do not make this panel any longer so lots of luck to you and yours.

The Diagnostic fee was $89 which I refused to pay as nothing was done except to tell me they no longer make the panel.

I was out of warranty and let the chips fall where they made. Today I called the Philippines (their main CS Camp) where, although the people are polite), you need extra sets of ears to decipher and the end result you know is fruitless.

Am I surprised Sears is going down the shoot without a good bye...No

Sears Pros: I can, Unable to.

Sears Cons: Salesman was longwinded and inept.

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That "seepage" is seeping from somewhere. You mentioned the ice cube area so it has to be either the water supply line itself or more likely the connections to the ice unit or the water supply.

There is also the possibility that the temperature is slightly higher than it should be - does the ice seem loose and OK or does it sort of freeze together into a larger more solid mass ? Just for the sake of experiment, I'd turn off the water supply at the wall for a few weeks and see if the seepage stops. The rest of the refrigerator / freezer works OK ?

The rusty areas though ugly should be a fairly easy fix ; the plastics just need scrubbed with a mild abrasive like NOVUS #2 and the painted area sanded to bare metal, primed, and painted with an appropriate topcoat. I hope this is all better advice than what they told you for $89 ...


I should send you the $89.00 I did not pay the salesman. It is, of course, a water supply problem and will do as you say and thank you.

I must send Sears a bill for the $thousand I paid for this prop called a fridge. Bought a stove from a private dealer and he looked at it and said they put scant insulation ergo the problem also. Do you think Sears will send me a check. If they do, and that is a big IF, then maybe I will buy a lottery ticket.

What do you think?

Or maybe buy a 1938 refrigerator and see if I can find an iceman ...does he cometh. I hope so.