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It completely makes sense why this once high flying company, Sears, is going down hill.

I ordered an excercise machine to be delivered to the store. They promised me a date of 3/21. First I did not get a call from them, when I called Sears, no one would answer the phoen. I went there in person on 3/24 they could not find my order. I went to the sales person who sold me, and showed my receipt he went to the order pickup and came back and said there was "not enough room in the truck so they did not shp it". But they will certainly have it on 3/28.

Guess what 3/28 came and went, no machine. No one to pick up phone. I called the Sears customer center. They tried to reach the store, no one will pick up for them either.

Most likely I won't get it from Sears.

Now I understand why people don't buy from Sears. This once iconic store is all but gone.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I really feel bad for you just learning how sears operates. I had problems with them 40 years ago and haven't been in a store since. They are out for themselves and don't care about customers.

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