On 28th November 2011 I saw an online advertisment on the Sears website for a XBox with Kinect for $199.I phoned the help line to ask if they had stocks in a branch but they couldnt help me other than giving me the phone number. However they did say that delivery would only be 3 to 5 days so why didnt I just order it.

I said I would try the shop first. This I did to be told they had run out of stock in the shop I phoned. No problem, I went online and placed an order. The advertisement said that the price was a special only for that day and that it was in stock.

When I added the item to my cart it said it was in stock. When I got the final invoice after placing the order it stated it was in stock. However the delivery date was shown as 30th December 2011. Over a month to get delivery on an in stock item?

I have had three converstions with the so called customer care all of which has resulted in nothing more than condesending clap trap. As far as I can tell the customer care does not do what its primary objective is supposed to be which is help the customer - it is there to make excuses for the store. I was however told that it is the policy of the company to order direclty formt he supplier and it is therefore the supplier fault that the item is not yet in stock. Wonder if Microsoft knows that they are being blamed for the incompetence of Sears organisation?

I have no choice but to wait until the delivery of the XBox although it was supposed to be a gift as it is a good price but I seriously wonder if Sears is going to come up with some excuse as to why it wont be delivered then. Made my mistake and bought from Sears, wont do it again.

Monetary Loss: $199.

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So retailers are not allowed to run out of an item?

You want Sears to make a Microsoft product out of the blue?

Ever studied or worked with supply chains... PARTICULARLY in the video game area? Things like this are common with EVERY SINGLE RETAILER ON THE PLANET.


It isn't bait and switch if he got what he wanted at the sale price. Even if it isn't in stock he got it at the sale price.


Yes it is fraud. It's called Bait and Switch.

They bait you in with a sale price on items that are not in stock (Boat from China is delayed) or they only offer half the item (like a tool chest combo) and sell the half they have at the regular price. Customer service has all form letters they send out making you feel "special". Well you're not.

You're just another *** to them and they get your money. Welcome to Sears :)

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