Haymarket, Virginia
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I was under warranty for my dish washer, washer dryer, etc. My dish washer was *** out water and soaked my wood floors and ran down into the ceiling of my basement and caused damage to the ceiling and dry wall and carpet.

When I called Sears yesterday they told me that I was not couvered under my warranty. The reason they gave me was it was a broken or loose hose and they would not honor that. Now why would I have a warrany on an appliance such as a dish washer or dryer if it required water to use? I spoke to several customer service reps and even to a supervisor.

None could speak proper English and I got cut off several times and was transfered to the wrong department three times. I can't belive the scam they are pulling.

As a Realtor I will be alerting every home owner not to purchase any products from Sears. I am totally disgusted and as a senior I have been totally ripped off!

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Sears Response

Dear Marita, my name is Dianne and I am part of the Sears Cares Escalations team. We apologize for the troubling experience regarding your dishwasher. We understand your frustration in this situation and would like to take the opportunity to have one of our personal case manager’s assist you. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (maritawilloughby14722), phone # used at time of purchase to smadvisor@searshc.com.

Thank you,

Dianne D.

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@Sears Response

My email address is willwinfrm@aol.com. 14722 Pennshire Dr. Haymarket Va. 20169. 703-754-3280. Again as a Realtor and I work for the Marriottt Corporation, I am one unhappy customer. I've never had a company that has jerked me around so much. Apparently Sears could care less. I happen to be in a professions that has wide spans and I will peraonally see that this issue has caused a lot of undue stress. I'm sure that Mr. Marriott will help me pursue getting media coverage for this. I've already contacted the BBB. and filed a complaint with the Rossen Reporter on the Today Show. Waiting for calls.


Marita Willoughby

@Sears Response

Spoke to Nadia M @888-266-4043 ext:86.She gave me another number to call which was 800-727-0121 and gave me a case # 1654559. Then I was transferred again to another numberfor clains. L1308225167. Left two messages and have yet to hear back from either. Got a message from someone named Gary after I returned home. Left him a message to call me back as well as my phone number.I'm not holding my breath. That number was 866-352-1521. I've seen so many comments of how bad Sears products are and their warranties are useless. I will continue to pursue this matter and currently waiting for the Better Busines Beauru to look into this matter. And I will continue to post what happened to me and tell all Real Estate Agents not to recommend Sears, not to meniton friends and neighbors. You will not hear the end from me until I'm reburised for the $1500. that I had to pay to repair the damanges.

Marita Willoughby


14722 Pennshire Dr.

Haymarket Va. 20169

@Sears Response

Dear Dianne: Nadia M contacted me via email and I've sent her several emails and have not gotten one response! My claim # is L308225167. I was referred to Gary Caduill and I faxed him photos of everything he requested. I've called hin back no less than twenty times and he will not return a call. I faxed one on September 5, 2013 and one on September 9, 2013. Have confrimation on both faxes. Can't believe how imcompetdent Sears representatives are. I'm thouroughly disgusted.. Will continue to post and tell all my Real Estate clients of the scam going on with Sears and the total lack of service, not to metnion to all my friends and assaciates.


Marita Willoughby


Sedgewick Claim # L1308145010-0001. LG claim # 201303048. I am also have great difficulty dealing with sears. I have had trouble with my LG washer since it was purchased! Tomorrow will mark the 8th service visit. They have replaced almost the whole machine at this point. Even parts that had NO correlation to the problem (bleach dispenser leaks bleach into subsequent washes). I am now in the process of gathering my phone records so when I file my complaint they can see that I have logged more than several hours on the phone over the last month. Sedgewick is a freaking joke!! They give you a claim number and you cant even get in touch with them. I have even left messages there with Bob who was to leave a message for the "manager" Jennifer McDonald at Sedgewick to call me, nope! I have been on hold, with Sears, when they have tried to get in touch with someone from Sedgewick to only have them come back on the phone (laughing) and tell me "wow, your right, it is hard to get a hold of someone. Yup, VERY FUNNY! I need proof of all the service calls to my house and at this point I have been told many things by many Sears reps. 1) I will e-mail them to you now. After waiting an hour for the e-mail I called back to inquire where they were and was told by another rep, "we can't do that". They can only send the copy of the last repair.

2) another rep told me I should go to the store to get access to a service report printout. Guess what? After 45 minutes at the store (Commack) I left with nothing!

3) after speaking with 3 reps today (the first one, Renee, gave me a phone number that just rang till I got a busy signal I think they may finally be on the way via US mail per Melody.

In the interim, today I spoke with my claims manager, Temmell Blake, at LG (regarding my ruined bleach stained clothes) and told him I could not get my hands on hard copies and he said "I cant tell you what you should do, I am at a loss for words". Suggested I call Sears or Sedgewick. Well golly, that's a great idea. Geez, I could go on and on. And I will, in my letter to corporate! If I had a full time job I would not be able to keep abreast of this BS situation and it is clear to me that this is their plan because who the *** has hours and hours to keep calling back? They do this so people just give up.....not me

List of reps I have spoken to thus far; Natalie, Bob, Chris (who gave me this address to get in touch with his boss Donyetta nelson.guy@searshc.com) he actually also told me "not to give up" and he "doesn't know what other option to take"- told me that"renee has done everything possible to contact someone at Sedgewick,Caitlyn, David ,Marcia, to name a few. UNBELIEVABLE!