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My washing machine is two years old. We purchase MPA to cover parts in the event it goes out.

It broke three weeks ago. We have three tech visits, nothing has been repaired. I call teh 1 800 4 MY HOME number...the cannot speck English. I call theire Customer Solutions number and they cannot tell me there address so I can file a complaint w/BBB.

If anyone out there has an address for Customer Solutions in Austin TX who said they are a part of Sears, can you please post it.

If not, please post any valid addresses for Sears service center within US that can resolve our issue. We are never shopping there again after this crappy service we've received from them as well.

Monetary Loss: $670.

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the number for customer solutions I am dealing with is: 1-800-479-6351


I never said I was a perfect typist. And 18004MYHOME offers no solutions at this point. So, yes, BBB would be the next level right now.


Does the BBB do anything or is that just a place where people complain so they can feel like they're being heard?

"1 800 4 MY HOME number...the cannot speck English"

I see that you can't either.


Thanks "tech" we've trid that number as well....NOTHING! Today marks 5 weeks and still not washer.

Four parts have been ordered, two separate trouble tickets created and still NOTHING! It's so frustrating. Everyone we've talked to locally and abroad "sympathize" but can't do anything better. They're playing pass the blame game and keep handing us off to another department.

Both A&E techs and Sears techs are also incompetant as far as I'm concerned. Today our BBB complaint is being written and I'm sending letters to every member of the Board of directors and acting CEO. I have included the dates and names of every representative that we've talk to and how they have refused to help us.

I hate to wish this on anyone, but I've worked in the telecom industry for many years and if I'd provided this type of service to a customer, I'd been fired. I hope some of these people lose their jobs!


try 1-800-905-9505. This is ae factory service a division of sears.

they maintain the techs. they should be able to give you what numbers or transfer you to whom you need to talk to. The sears number you call will connect you to a call center in India. Don't give up hope.

As for 3 tech visits well that could be as most techs hands are tied by the tech assistance center.

They will only allow the tech to order certain parts at times depending on what is wrong even though the tech may know what is wrong. Makes our jobs hard and we get in trouble if we don't follow what they say.

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