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My wife and I purchased a "Serrano" Sears-O-Pedic bed that comes as a unit with the mattress and the box as one unit......10 year warranty is why we went with this mattress....16 months later, big bump in the middle of the bed and sink area on one wife and I have no kids and we keep the bed very clean and protected; Called Sears and went through a long process of pictures and several phone calls to corporate quarters; solution: only replace the "mattress" is the problem: I paid $777.00 for the Serrano....the mattress they are letting me exchange for is $549.00----no box spring and what is worse, no $228.00 dollars back (the difference in what I exchanged for and the left over money my wife and I paid for the Serrano)....Bureaucratic situation with no one higher to complain too or an appeal system in place....My wife and I thought they could at least allow a "in store" credit account to make up the difference and it be justified....the truth of the matter is that ask a Sears Employee if that sounds fair and everyone of them say it does not---try it? I did and on more than one employee---managers too!

We were going to have Sears look at replacing cabinets....My wife and I don't want anything more to do with this company!

No justice to consumers that put trust into the company standing by the product and with full refund/or difference of refund being an alternative action.

Monetary Loss: $228.

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My dad once tore down their signs stating customer satisfaction guaranteed. I was 4, am 39 now, he tried exchanging a defective toy, started taking their signs down, so they refunded him 100%


Over every stores entry doors is this guarantee: "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK"!

I worked with Sears for over ten years in the 80's & 90's as a supplier of automotive service equipment for their 850+ Stores & had found Sears to be an exemplary company along the same lines as COSTCO & other highly rated mega-stores.

If I were in your situation although the details of the product failure are lacking, I would simply file a law suit in Small Claims Court for the entire original purchase price & would believe you will receive a call from Sears Corporate advising that they are send you a complete refund.

Good luck! My long-term opinion of Sears is that they are a very reputable Company.


We made a big mistake dealing with sears we bought furniture and mattress set from them, big mistake all the furniture was cheaply made and we had to resell the pieces on CL for dirt cheap, and now are told our 5 year warranty dont mean a thing.. stay away guys other stores have better quality anyways..