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AGAIN - We are having major problems with a brand new mattress purchased at Sears. Even though the warranty department approved the claim for our bad mattress because it is so obviously defective, they refuse to replace the box springs as well.

Never mind that we are expected to put a completely different mattress on box springs that don't match the new mattress we will be getting, but it is obvious to everyone but the warranty department that the box springs are also likely defective. The sales people agree. The person who delivered the second mattress agreed (yes, this is our second mattress in four months - both were defective). But the warranty department claims that it is not their practice to replace the box springs unless they show damage in the pictures.

This is absurd. Twice now we have had mattress fail in the exact same spot. They did not replace the box springs when they replaced the first mattress, which was damaged at the time of delivery, but also had a major sag two weeks later when they replaced it because of the damage at delivery. How do two mattress fail in the exact same way, in the exact same spot and you say there is nothing wrong with the box springs?

When my husband asked the warranty lady how she knows the box springs are not also to blame, she was stumped and only said they go by the pictures. When pressed with "how does a second mattress fail that badly within days of delivery, in the exact same spot as the first, under a 130 pound person who only sleeps for 6 hours a night?" She replied, "mattresses fail in different spots all of the time." EXACTLY. They don't fail in the exact same spot within a few days of delivery, normally, so would that not indicate a problem with the foundation? Come on!

This is not rocket science, people. This is Sears trying to screw people over! I purchased a matching set and that entire set is defective. I weigh 130 pounds and have a nearly 3 inch sag in my side of our mattress, while my 215 pound husband only had a barely 1 3/4 inch sag in his side.

This was the same scenario as the last mattress that we had for only two weeks. I am appalled and disgusted and angry by the way we are being screwed over. This is a terrible way to treat people who spend any money there, but certainly for those who spend well over $1,000 on a product in your store. Shame on you, Sears.

What has happened to your ethics and standards?

Where is the Sears of the past that sold great products and stood by them accordingly? This is very disheartening.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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Sears Response

Your mattress issues are very disappointing for us to hear. We would like to have a Member Experience Manager look into this and reach out to work with you and make this right again. Please email with your full name, address, phone number and the URL to this page.