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I have had a sears account for over 20 years, so I am sad to inform you that I will be canceling my Sears account at the end of this year because I don't feel that people that use there credit wisely and responsibly should be penalized. It is your choice to *** off your loyal customers, it is too bad you you feel the need to impose this fee at the risk of loosing faithful customers, as it is my choice not to shop at Sears or use my account again after this year since you have already enforced an unwanted $45.00 fee upon me.

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This $45 membership fee also applies to employees. It angers me because Sales Associates are paid commisions for each application they "sell" to a customer. Sears is a joke, why would you sell your credit card to a 3rd party (citicard)? I have a great credit score (850+). My APR on my Gold Sear Premier card (member since 2005) is as follows:

Internal Purchases: 25.24%

External Purchases: 25.24%

Cash Advance: 27.15%

Effective Annual Percentage Rate: 110.81%

I could get a better interest rate if I went to the local pawnshop or a loan shark on the street.

This is a joke. Sears you created this Member Free to force your customers to close cards... Yet you still force your employees to sell them...

What happened? Did you give to much credit out without means to back it up? Failures.

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