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I ordered a mattress, bedframe and headboard from a local Sears, Sales person says they don't have the parts (the bracket to connect frame and headboard) and wanted me to order from by providing a link.

The onlione order took forever and I have to delay the delivery schedule for almost three weeks.

Finally, the delivery is here two days ago but found out the bracket is wrong (too small), delivery guy took pictures but still hear nothing from Sears. Today, I called sears service hoping someone can help and felt good that she listened to my story and a case number was given 471170170 before transfer to the "right" person to help. Transferred to delivery dept and they said it is parts issue, not theirs. Called parts, no live person answered but saying my phone number is not on record..Ok, I called this 8004795899, someone very patiently/politely talked to me and gave me another case number. Conclusion is that I have to go back to Sears local and talk to them again because this number only in chanrge of large appliance.

Why bother talking to me for along time and told me they are not in charge of this??

I got the impression that ALL Sears dept. are just creating case numbers but PUSHING customer around without solving anything. I am the customer, not

a mattress expert, why I am penalized to run around for something that Sears should have done for me from the beginning?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Sears Cons: Helpless.

  • Wrong Bracket For Bedframe
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